Photogrammetry Just Broken

Photogrammetry is just broken after than last update.

Where picture was taken?

I do not think photogrammetry is broken, at least not for me.
This looks like you are either off-line or you get a too low bandwidth from the servers.

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Might be worth deleting your rolling cache to see if that help. :thinking:

mine is simmilar
it was fine before the latest fix
now it looks like below
my internet is actually fast enough

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my internet speed
I also deleted cache and all offline saves and reinstalled the whole game.
nothing works
and its not just new york
before the fix, there was blackout everywhere at night .
now this

Not just but always broken.:crazy_face::rofl:

By way of example, this is a picture made with the MSFS drone cam of where I live, in the outskirts of Barcelona, taken after WU6, a few days ago…

Only when I look at the fine details can I tell that this is not a “real life” shot. When photogrammetry works in the game, it is really amazing.


Same here, today ‘discover NY’,
"your bandwidth is too low … "

no it is not, checked 100/100 MB (117/102 actual)

Server broken OR windows update KB5005565 is a sneaky criminal
Had horrible ‘loop’ problems WU6 installation, uninstalled KB5005565 (forum post) and could install WU6, new fresh install because, horrible …
Maybe this is KB5005565 too


its not win update
I play on xbox sx

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I get this too, I actually just posted something similar from London. Thought it was my bandwidth, it starts rendering the image but then stops. Maybe photogrammetry isn’t supposed to be viewed from close up.