Photogrammetry pixelated and low res

I’m finding photogrammetry is pixelated and low at the moment. I know there were issues; I’m assuming these haven’t been resolved yet?

probably not very high on their todo list. Looks like a blurry post-nuclear mess to me as well.


Usually this is a network problem, which may be specific to your individual connection to the internet (eg, not everyone sees the same bad downloads you do - I’ve never seen these problems myself). Some people report that using a VPN (any VPN) can help – the reason it helps is that it changes the routing through the internet from one way (which is broken for you) to another (which might not be broken). These things are hard to diagnose and may require calling your internet service provider to “fix” correctly, with a difficult escalation to high-level operations from technical support (which might not be possible by email or over the phone for a regular customer).

Is not your network because once area is loaded you just need a few MB bandwith to keep the scene updated as you fly over it (you can check it yourselves monitoring network usage). Just disable it until they fix it, at least the buildings one. Now they completely kill performance and the current quality is questionable.


You don’t have a direct connection to the Asobo servers. There are several nodes on the route in between. If one of them is overloaded, then the bandwidth is of no use to you if the ping is bad or there is packet loss during routing between the servers. You have no influence on this at all, except with VPN. With that you reroute your route. That is already correct, what Vibstronium writes there. This is also the reason why some have no problems and others have big problems. Depending on where you live, you have a different routing to the Asobo servers. Some have many more Internet nodes between them and Asobo and if one of them is overloaded, there are problems.

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i cant believe it but i have the same problem for weeks now photogrametry is delaying to render and sometimes not rendering at all. My system is 5800x rtx 3080 and my internet is good too

I don’t think this is a bug. I think Asobo has done this on purpose to make the sim smoother.
It seems fidelity in general has been tuned down.