Photogrammetry - when?

MS/Asobo - When will we see an improvement to Photogrammetry, some cities; like London look like a war zone, building are like bombed out!

If anyone has good setting where Photogrammetry works, and on good cards, lot new 4090’s please lets all know them.


I think the London photogrammetry might have been collected during the blitz… :wink:


The Los Angeles area is quite nicely done as well.

Some cities are just better implemented than others. :slight_smile: I’m sure this depends on where they got the underlying data, how it was collected, and how it was processed.

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Go fly Australia, m8. Anywhere there, doesn’t really matter where. I like Townsville personally, but that’s just because I have some family there.

You can see individual girders on building sites and stuff there, it’s very high resolution PTGMTRY compared to what the game had at launch. The people giving them the photogrammetry data for that country must enjoy the sim or something because it’s superb.

Unfortunately, though, photogrammetry simply doesn’t look good below a certain altitude no matter HOW good it is. So stay above about 2000-3000 feet in Oz.

EDIT: Make sure you have the Australia update installed, obviously.

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I have 3rd party for many of the main areas I like to fly, I mostly bush fly so not such a big deal. I hate almost all PG and usually leave it off, but as was said, Sydney with the scenery and pg looks pretty darn good, some parts of Italy, but prefer not seeing ship blobs and dam bridges. But if you’re in a heli or seaplane and getting real up and personal, I think it all stinks and would rather just see autogen crisp buildings.

Jorg just addressed London on the Twitch stream. Sounds like this is being addressed but not sure how soon.


I recommend the Orbx London scenery anyway. Of course, that doesn’t, nor shouldn’t mean Asobo can simply neglect it. It definitely could be a LOT better, assuming the data exists for it to be better.

try turning off the “post-apocalyptic” setting … :nerd_face:


I think Asobo can just update the base LOD values on the London photogrammetry city.

Right now the only way to see it in normal shapes is to crank our MSFS TLOD settings to 400 or more, which is overkill.

Increasing TLOD from 150-200 to 400 doesn’t get rid of it - its a rendering issue, even up close …

Wish we had a similar LOD technique like Nanite from Unreal in MSFS photogrammetry.
It looks disgusting looking at scenery seeing spikes everywhere or deformed buildings.
even with TLOD 400 it’s not a nice sight.
But like most people I run 200 on average with IFR Airliner flights even with a 5800X3D.

Yeah, I tested that once, taking off from EGLC and then active-pausing to hold my aircraft in place over the dock. Then over to drone camera - I translate forward and I can see PG buildings only pop into full LOD when I am VERY near to them, and when I back the drone off again, it goes back to melted chocolate. Back, forth, back forth, buildings switching every time. It’s not bandwidth, it’s not loading time, it’s not servers… it’s LOD and poor source data. It seems like the London PG has only two LODs - toblerone or full detail (not that the full detail is all that great compared to other cities). No wonder it looks so terrible from middle distance.

PG quality can’t really be fixed by throwing hardware at it. If there is an issue where the higher LOD data is not being displayed, that’s one thing. But if the highest LOD data still doesn’t look very good, then it would be like asking someone to take a JPG, and improve the image quality.

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Exactly this. There’s no “setting” to change, the data has to actually be high quality to begin with. In many cities it is, in some it isn’t. Until the bad data is replaced with good data, that’s it.


I just watched the latest Dev Q&A and Jorg said that they are working on a new London photogrammetry. Let’s hope it will get released soon.


I fly the ultralight Top Rudder Solo 103 slow quite a bit over Las Vegas, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Vancouver, NYC, Seattle, LA-Hollywood, a number of freeware scenery enhancements-LA/Vancouver and Bijan 4 Seasons too - sometimes I see more or less of the post-apocalyptic wavy-wiggly stuff and sometimes not, adjusting the LOD - see pretty clearly when I get close enough for more detail to pop in, but the wiggly or knife-edge cut quality doesn’t improve (this is source data I believe) - Las Vegas is great for checking detail - giant signs, mezzanines, billboards, I also compared my old 1080 to my new 4K monitor (and various up and down scaling routines) … :nerd_face:

Freeware add-on, eg, Vancouver bridges - very good … look at some objects, like the cranes though …

… the top of The Mirage sign in Las Vegas is a QA indicator …

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PG in the Chicago area is pretty good for what is in PG, the issue is the PG coverage area is very small and cuts off in the middle of the suburbs so half the area looks great in PG and the other half looks like ■■■■ with green roads and autogen…

NYC and LA areas are fully covered with PG for comparison, and all 3 are roughly the same size

There are multiple reasons for bad PG on the client side.

Sometimes, it’s server / internet issues and you’re just not getting stuff streamed in to you. Over the last 2 1/2 years, there have been countless threads about places that one day would look amazing, and others would looks like melted Lego post-apocalytic landscapes. That’s server issues.

Low TLOD settings will definitely affect how far away PG data is loaded in at higher details. Assuming that the PG data is good to start with and that there are no server / bandwidth / internet issues, this is also true. Higher TLOD will allow PG to render in at higher resolution farther away and look better.

Then there are other places like London and most of the new Canada PG data. Neither of those fit into the first 2 categories. It’s just really poor quality PG data to start with. In the case of Canada, it was a huge downgrade over the stock PG data. There’s no amount of TLOD, computing power, or hardware that’s going to fix that and make it look good. Bad data is bad data. It doesn’t matter if you look at a pixellated, low resolution image on a small 15" 1080p laptop screen or a large 80" 8K TV. It’s still going to look like garbage no matter what. Same thing here.

There’s a lot of great PG in the sim, particularly the in the US. The Australian data is really good too.


Not really a fan of photogrammetry because it drops my FPS so bad it feels like I’m flying on a presentation slide. That’s around 5 FPS with PG on, and as soon as I turned PG off, I get my 30 FPS back. Besides, to me inaccurate generic building still looks better than as you said in the original post, looks like a warzone. And with the massive FPS drop, I don’t feel like it’s worth using.