Pico 4 - Mid-trial considerations

OK I managed to connect it (using the “newest” method). It works, but I need further testing - as strange it might sound, I “feel” it’s smoother via WiFi. I will test with the Ethernet cable directly to the router, too.

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Finally I followed you :smiley:
I just took me a while to understand what to do with this APK file… I knew I had to transfer it to the headset, but I didn’t know if I had to put it into any specific folder or anything…

So just a quick summary for those who might be interested while being as ignorant as I was:

  • you connect the headset to your computer with a USB cable
  • the headset appears in your file explorer just like a new hardrive
  • you go in there and you can drop the APK file in any folder you want. I chose the “Downloads” folder.
  • then you wear the headset, and you launch the file explorer
  • you navigate to your APK file (in the Download folder in my case) and you click on it to install it.
  • once the installation is finished, a new application will be available in your headset applications list, it will display the settings, including the USB tethering.

Thanks for the detailed info :slight_smile:

This evening I’ll try the “direct connection to the router” way, so I’ll be able to judge what’s best (for me, at least):

  • Pure WiFi
  • Router direct connection
  • USB tethered

Here’s a quick video I just made. Please don’t mind graphic glitches, it’s from a replay and done very quickly. It compares two connection methods: USB Tethering and WiFi6.

In the video, Tethering is the UPPER IMAGE, while WiFi6 is the LOWER IMAGE.

There are all the latency visible, so it’s easy to compare. And I would say they are more or less the same.

There is an interesting thing, anyway, and it’s the DECODING value. Here, it seems that the image sent via WiFi 6 always requires less ms to be decompressed by the headset. We’re talking 5-6 ms, but over a 20 ms value it’s a huge difference, in %.

I’m pretty sure, for what I “feel” in the sim, that this translates to less micro-stuttering.

(Still have to test Router to Pico direct connection… it was hard to find the correct cable for that, I should get it on Monday).

Any thoughts?

Are you sure Virtual Desktop was sending the same kind of video signal in both cases ?
In the streamer app on the computer, did you explicitly select one of the two methods, instead of “auto” ?

There’s nothing to select.

When the WiFi6 is active, the cable isn’t even connected.

When USB Thetering is active, WiFi is turned off on the Pico 4 (you can see that in the video, too, first data from top).

No changes at all in Virtual Desktop, so everything is the same. Codec was HVEC in both cases.

(VD was updated today… I was hoping for AV1 support, but no luck…)