Picture Of Control Yoke With Numbers Without Any Purpose

Does anyone know what the purpose of displaying the control devices (control yoke, rudder pedals, etc.) with numbers, in the middle of the screen when you click on the control yoke symbol from the active menu while you’re in the simulator? You can’t do anything with it, like see what the button assignment is.

I honestly find that quite dumb and have since the game’s launch. It’s a meaningless image that does nothing. If at least you could use it to switch profiles or something it would be useful. As it is, it’s absolutely pointless.

Unless someone’s figured out a use for it… I haven’t.


It is about as baffling as why they added the CH Combat stick to the templates but neglected both the CH yoke and rudder peddles.

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That is odd, I wonder if the developers from Asobo or Microsoft can figure it out. The only thing I can think of is it’s there for future enhancements, otherwise it’s useless. :thinking:

That wouldn’t surprise me.

That Basic Controls “page” is pretty much the proverbial screen door on a submarine.

I’ve always thought of it as a placeholder for future updates where they’ll enable a button to light up when you press it so you can see what’s assigned.

I agree though, it’s silly right now and suggests yet again of a program being rushed out incomplete.

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Seems pretty obvious to me …

Y0u click on it to see what is your active controller PROFILE.
The left right arrows allow you to select other profiles for that controller, IF you have previously set them up.
If you have NOT set up any alternate profiles, you will just get the default shown.

Now, having said that – IT IS BROKEN.

It only displays the DEFAULT profile as being selected, even if there are other profiles, and even if you have set another profile to be selected, back in the main menu.

(1) its’ good that it does display the Joystick/yoke
(2) It’s bad because it does not show the Currently selected Profile
and you cannot change the profile selected with the left/right menu items.

WIP or ■■■■■ ?

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At this point I’d say it’s ■■■■■, I’ll keeo it clean so it is Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition. :slight_smile: