Pilot 2 ATC Alt Restrictions

What about the Alt Restrictions in P2A ? I have loaded up a flight plan. At certain routes I have an alt restriction. For example: the plan was created at FL 140 - now in the plan there is a restriction of FL 160 - But the ATC doesent advice me to climb to FL 160 automatically. In the options i have ticked on “calculate safe enroute altitudes” … any advices?

That’s annoying, I was just looking at potentially picking this up but if it does not do that, then its put me right off as its a basic requirement.

Hopefully someone can help you out and its not a limitation.

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I’ve not had an issue with that, when you validate the flight plan it will raise the altitude level for you for the highest point on the route.


ok thanks! i will ckeck this on my next flight! but on my last flight this obviously did not happen…

Yes, definitely make sure you’re validating and filing your plan.