Pilot Assistance level flight/attitude hold?

Good day to all! I would think that there should be a command to order the ingame flight assistance (the co-pilot in my mind) to hold the plane straight and level for you while you do other stuff, but I dont seem to be able to find such a thing.

Most of the time I fly two seaters w/o autopilot and I feel a bit silly having to hold the controls while I use the radio, or look at charts or whatever while there’s a virtual guy supposedly sitting next to me with another set of controls idle doing nothing.

Flight Assistance autopilot function does take whole control of the airplane and follows the flight plan if there’s one, but thats no what I’m looking for. I want to navigate and turn myself (and get lost too), I just want it to keep the thing straight and level when I need it.

Am I missing something?

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Airplanes fly in a moving ocean of air. If you don’t have an autopilot the best you can do is trim for level flight. However, that moving ocean of air is going to continue to move the aircraft up and down and right and left. Just do the best you can with trim.

Yes, that’s what I try to do with various degrees of success. :slight_smile:

But I really miss the possibility of handling out the yoke to the copilot and just have him keep straight and level. It seems like a simple feature, much simpler than the current all or nothing ai flight assistance control which seems to have its share of issues, and I feel would fill a gap for many simmers.