Pilot & Co-Pilot halfway out of aircraft's Glitch

This is odd!


Now that’s a bit of fresh air.
Everyone wants to see the sights after that last update!

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There’s no scaling problem in MSFS. Yeah, right.

Naw thats supposed to be that way. you see there’s a forest fire up ahead and their getting ready to hose it down…

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Yup, I remember this the first time I flew the Rutan Long EZ. It eventually worked itself out and I’ve only seen it occasionally since then.

Is this a recurring bug for you?

That’s going to take a lot of coffee!

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It’s default aircraft? Any mod for this aircraft installed?

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If it is consistent and happens all the time, the settings for the pilots position in the aircraft’s camera.cfg can be adjusted

It’s not camera.cfg issue. It’s looks like GLTF nodes issue. Tell me what is aircraft is it?

Yeah, it’s prevalent.

No, other than the TBM 930 and Icon 5.

If you know of such an adjustment, please let me know.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I can help you if you tell me aircraft model. I see same issue with my friend Piagio aircraft. All what you need - correct coordinates of nodes in GLTF file.


A much better idea than adjusting the position.

I would take mixMugz advice.
If you do need to adjust the actual position, this should be it.

This is pilot camera, not pilot position.

Pilot position is defined in GLTF file. You can just check

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It’s weird because When I select an aircraft from the main menu during initial flight planning, it happens, so far, to certain planes, one being the Jabiru 170D.

However, if I use the DEV/Windows/Aircraft Selector, it doesn’t happen.

Very odd behavior!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

As I load other aircraft’s. I’ll post to you the ones that are having this issue.

Ryan Air’s really gone too far this time :wink: