Pilot Hours and Logbook reset to a week ago after Servers were down

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Pilot Hours in profile menu are reset and logbook entries gone except for one week
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Starting up flight sim, and it always shows only limited hours/data in pilot profile/logbook now.
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i7-8700 @ 3.20GHz, 32GB Ram, GTX1660TI, 1 TB Samsung SSD 970
Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #? 92481

Saw your post and same thing happened to me. Will post Picture asap…

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Not sure why this happened to me, but I had a System Image of C: drive from December that I restored, and now my pilot hours and logbook are back.

Same here contacted Zendesk and they asked me to move a file that does not exist on my computer. Hopefully they will get back to me after the weekend.

I bought mine through Steam and did a file verify which ended up re downloading the whole program but the problem still persists.IMG_3617 IMG_3618

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I have the same issue. I noticed yesterday all my logbook entries were gone and just completed another flight and now my logbook only has yesterday and today. 400 hours gone :cry:


Yep, same thing happened to me 2 days ago after ther servers were down… almost 500 hours gone, my achievements are still there…

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Same to me. Any idea or posibility to recover it?

I changed a new SSD last month so I reinstalled MFS, and it seems they keep logbook entries at server side, and I got all logbook entries back when I entered the newly installed simulator.

Maybe you can try it. But it takes too much time to reinstall.

So I give you a quick way, maybe you can RESET MFS App Data in Windows, and relaunch the game. I guess it will sync your game data with the server side.

Here is the detail:

Right click on “Microsoft Flight Simulator” in your start menu, select “More->App Settings”, in the pop-up window, you can RESET this application, thus delete any local data. Your menu text may be differ from mine, cause my system is a Chinese one and I’m not sure the exact text in your system, just something like that.

After that, you run the sim just like a newly installed one. It will sync with server automatically.

That’s my advice. I think it will work though I didn’t test it.

Take the risk at your discretion. Things won’t get worse as long as you only have a few hours left for now.

Thanks, trying the RESET button. At first, I was worried this would uninstall the game, but there is an UNINSTALL button directly below the RESET button, so it must be different.

Ok, MSFS is starting back up again. I did see a window popup before checking for updates that said syncing data. Now Installation Manager with 153GiB update :o uh oh. So it has the initial installation from the Windows Store, but needs the full installation afterwards after starting the game, like it had never done it.

Ok, not waiting a day for that. Going back to my December image backup. Thanks, though.
Changed my mind, system is set up how I want it, except for flight simulator, and don’t want to go thru reinstalling everything else again. Will just have it re-download msfs.

OK, so it did the 153gb in like 3 hours? surprise! So fast when everyone else is not downloading it too. Now the log: There are logbook entries starting last August to February 22. BUT missing any entries between 12/13 and 2/14. So two months are gone who knows where.

Always backup C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\SystemAppData\wgs\ folder (for MS Store version)
This folder with subfolders contain all informations about you SIM.

  • Controller profiles
  • Sim settings (with window position and location, everything)
  • Your logbook
  • Your achievments
  • Your progress

If something gonna wrong - you can recover to last state.

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Hi Edward. Sorry for the RESET method not working as I expected. I really didn’t test it. If you have 153GB to download, it’s beyond my expectation and I am really sorry for that. :frowning:

I filed a ticket with Zendesk 2 weeks ago and it was told they would escalate as a Bug and sent to to next level…I uninstalled/reinstalled game this weekend and it did not fix…My hours, activity or achievements…File a Zendesk report the more they will look at it…I followed someone else who had issue as everyone posting here…Do not give up… I also have the Steam version.

I filed one a couple weeks back and basically got this reply. My logbook though has become more buggy and not recording some flights.

"Unfortunately, we currently have no way of retrieving the Logbook manually. This issue has been tracked in our internal bug tracker and is under investigation.
We’ll leave this ticket open until we have more information to share with you. "