Pilot Hours and Logbook reset to a week ago after Servers were down

Now again, although I updated the outdated Packages yersterday, MSFS asks again to update… und is not working online, when those updates are not accepted…what a ■■■■ with this MSFS all the time. FRUSTRATING.

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This just happened to me today. Possibly my network dropped for a few minutes while I was paused (non-action)? Then “Packages need updating”, then some weird “press any key” screen, then bye bye log entries and custom callsign. At least my controller settings were still there…

This seems like a pretty game-breaking bug…

Just imagine if this happened to your record of marketplace purchases?
Especially as Microsoft/Asobo do not provide any itemized proof of purchase receipt.

I keep seeing posts on this forum and others of data being lost and support being pretty difficult about it.

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I have the same problem, logbook entries gone

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happens to lots of people recently, see Playtime gone missing

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