Pilot Logbook

My logbook doesn’t seem to register all landings and takeoffs. Apprently i’ve only landed 3 times this evening despite about 6 short flights.

Also didn’t register a take off for my CJ4 flight from Blackpool (EGNH) to Southampton (EGHI) and I’ve already managed to bag the ‘100 miles Taxi’ award!

Any advice or is it under review for update?


I’m also not showing my takeoffs but landings are being recorded. I searched Zendesk but didn’t see this as an active bug.

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I raised a ticket with them on Wednesday.

I’m seeing this too. Sometimes it records the takeoff, sometimes not.

Log book is way screwed up! sometimes it works most times it doesn’t!!!

Getting this error also - Not recording my landings, especially touch and goes

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been doing some testing…
If you go to far past V2 before take off it will not be recognized.
Likewise with landings that are too fast.
Maybe… I think…
Might be something totally different but happened in everything I’ve flown.
Or could be if the plane hops on either as that happens with excess speed.

Ive been flying the C172 and C152 and Im not making my landings too fast or exceeding V2 prior to wheels off etc though… … but there is obviously some kind of calculating error that isnt registering touchdown on a runway etc. I havent been bouncing, and Ive been doing circuits on a Class Charlie sealed runway so its not like it isnt registering dirt runways etc?

Hmmm… There goes that theory. XD
I’m still seeing issues and I’m making very good landings at hard surface runways too!
It wouldn’t be as bad if we could edit our logbook!