Pilot position in VR

Hi. My default pilot position in the A320 is in the centre of the cockpit in VR but not normal flying which is in the correct Lhs captains seat. Using settings to relocate to default seat position simply puts me back in the centre of the cockpit which is immersion destroying. I haven’t seen anyone else with this problem but can’t manually shift my position once in the cockpit or reset the seat position. Any suggestions?

Do you have an active keybind for the „translate cockpit“ views? You can find those under Options - Camera - Cockpit camera. They seem not to be assigned by default.

Exactly. I always start in the wrong position, but have the arrow keys on my keyboard bound to moving the camera and can quickly fix.

Thx all for the reply. I found the issue. It was under cockpit view options . Under that there are horizontal seat settings. For some reason mine was set to the centre position for VR. Not sure why. Have set it again and it’s now fixed.

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