Pilot2ATC compatibility

So Pilot2ATC is quite useful and powerful addon for Flight Simulators. The developer said it would be working with MSFS already, although I dont know how - allegedly only with FSUIPC7?
Doesnt this work with SimConnect? I cannot make it work on my end at the moment…

The UI of it is unfortunately pretty horrible and unintuitive…

FSUIPC7 has been giving me massive lag spikes in MSFS, so I would tread with caution. FS2ATC is great, and I’ve used it in the past, but I can’t see it coming for MSFS fully for at least a while longer. Assuming current ATC improves as well, that may also prove useful to most.

latest FS update + FSUIPC 7 Beta + Pilot2ATC works for me without any stutters or lag. Smooth flying for me so far.

You need to start FSUIPC 7 and make sure it’s showing in your task bar icons (where you would see sound/network etc) then with MSFS running you can start Pilot2ATC and connect it to the sim

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I was referring to using SLC with the latest FSUIPC7. As soon as I open FSUIPC and it makes a connection there’s crazy stuttering.

i do not experience that at all. With previous simconnect i sure did tho

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So I have TrackIR5 running, XMapsy running (for connection to foreflight), OnAir running with SimConnect, FSUIPC7 for Pilot2ATC and whatever RealSimGear needs to work one day with MSFS2020.

Thats quite a lot… ^^

pretty close on my end too, no RealSimGear and Navigraph instead. but it runs quite well now :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m not sure if it’s an issue with Self Loading Cargo, I don’t think it is, because as soon as I closed FSUIPC7 the stuttering was gone (but of course SLC won’t work now that there’s no connection)

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I have Pilot2Atc working as I can see the plane icon and watch it track my flight however the radio has no response, and docent switch the frequencies in th cockpit. even tuning the cockpit radios has no effect
(using Airbus). also “on top” does not work, anybody else ???

I have this mostly working. The radios don’t switch when set in Pilot2Atc but manual switching in the plane comms works fine.

Also had some issues with xpdr on auto not being picked up and have to set mode to on / alt in Pilot2Atc for now.

I’ve got pilot2atc working fine, com switching works and I’m not having any issues with voice. However, I’m noticing that when I’m around airports I’m getting frequent micro stutters, and when this happens I also get a nasty feedback sound in my headphones. Any ideas for what might be causing this would be appreciated

Not an issue with SLC for sure. I did a 5hr flight last night and it was silky-smooth.

With FSUIPC7 I got it working again like a charm. Still some work to do on the voice recognition and some commands, which are unintuitive.

But I cannot go above 30fps

Do u have radio degradation switched on? Maybe switch off? Also I assume you disabled ingame atc? Maybe that interacts weirdly? Some frequencies used by pilotAtc aren’t in the atc in game so maybe that?

Not sure where I would find radio degradation, but I have atc ingame off. It seems to be related in some way to airport scenery or aircraft loading in, but I’ve tried with all traffic off with the same results. I’ll try to get a recording of it. It definitely seems to be some kind of glitch, think the sound your headphones would make if you half plugged them in

Radio degradation is under Audio options.
I had stutters on audio until this patch. Also lowered graphics a bit which helped.

maybe my problem with no radios is I don’t have ATC turned off, now I have the sound slider off but can’t seem to figure out how to turn ATC off ???

I did turn audio degradation off with no effect. I was able to get a recording of it happening, this doesn’t happen with only FSUIPC running or with P2A disconnected, so my hunch is that it’s a P2A problem. I’ve updated my audio drivers and tried reinstalling the game with no improvements. I also tried with various traffic settings and it doesn’t seem to make a difference either. This really only happens when near or on the ground, once in the air it seems to work without issue. Let me know if you have any ideas.

I have spent the last 5 hours playing around trying to get P2A to work. I would describe it as clunky software. I’m sure it is great when its working but I cant even get it to connect to the Sim. It has connected a couple of times, but for the last two hours “Simulator Disconnected”. Glad I tried the trial before paying.

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Did you install FSUIPC7 Beta? And did you start the connection first, when MSFS was started? The first start up takes a few minutes with me as well, and if it doesnt work, I just shut it down and try again. But so far it always works.

From being clunky I cant disagree, but VoiceATC is very very nice (and using the correct taxiways)