Pilot's lounge - What did you do in MSFS today?

Is that just on the ridge?

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Yes. It is visible

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I’m intrigued, what’s its code?

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Not really. On Top Of Hill :stuck_out_tongue:

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John Day River Lookout for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS


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I see you found Tokyo Express. Or is that US Navy?

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Possibly off topic for this forum but I’m not sure where to put it.

Most of my accomplishments were because I had no idea how hard things were.

I bit off more than I could chew, but kept chewing!

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I got a different L39, the Drop Bear, but if it helps normal shutdown on it is:

  1. turn off the electric switches at your right hand: Generator 1-2, Alternator 1-2, Avionics, Engine instruments and Battery

  2. Under your left elbow is a guarded fuel handle, pull that up


Hi @Tuffbull7923, thanks for this.

Though I can’t quite resist the temptation to point out that the fuel handle you’d have me pull is marked ‘EMERGENCY FUEL SHUT-OFF’:

So what is the non-emergency way of shutting off the fuel?

Well, if you look carefully at your throttle, you’ll see an arcing shelf under and to the right of the throttle, and at its rear is the word IDLE, then below that a red area which may or may not - your picture isn’t clear enough - have the word STOP on it. To its left is a little grey tab you ought to be able to pull.

My guess is that if you pull that tab you can then pull, or lift and pull, the throttle right back to cut off the fuel.

My L-39 throttle is a modified version, which slides back and forth on a rail: still, it doesn’t normally move all the way back, but there is a tab on the bottom which if pressed would probably allow it to move that extra distance to the cutoff position:

However, the tab doesn’t actually do anything in my L-39, and I doubt your tab will work in yours (but do let me know if it does).

There is a similar mechanism which does work in Just Flight’s Hawk T.1 - but that’s a rather expensive third-party aircraft, and this isn’t.

So your method is probably the best available to us.


Yeah right, I wanted to answer your post here :flushed: :face_with_peeking_eye:

I checked in my version of the Albatros and you are right, it IS called emergency fuel shutoff. And to think I have 100+ flights with this plane…

I checked the throttle too and I think it should work as you described, but it does not. The throttle has that STOP position, there is a small pin that should stop you accidentally pulling the throttle there, however as I move the throttle backwards the pin lifts a bit, goes over the guarding edge and is clearly indicating that the throttle handle is in the stop position, yet the engine simply idles. My guess is that MSFS intends us to use the emergency fuel shutoff handle.

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I didn’t even see that cutoff lever until after I’d got the engine stopped by floundering about with the guarded switches above the throttle.

And I was somewhat primed to notice the throttle shutoff mechanism because I’ve spent a fair bit of the last two weeks taking the Hawk T.1 on a trip round the USA - I like flying in real time and live weather, and it’s light there when it’s dark in Scotland where I live.

I’ve now laid the Hawk up in New Orleans for a couple of weeks to see if I can still remember how to start it from cold and dark after that enormous gap in time.


yes, getting rudder pedals is game changer. However, be prepared there is also some learning (or getting used to it) curve. When I switched from joystick twist to pedals I got worse at first. And it took some time to get used to it.

But I am not sure, if it’s even possible to handle DC-3 without rudder pedals. It really requires lot of leg work.

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That will have to wait a bit ti be seen, currently there is no funding to be put into MSFS, but still I think I could hardly get worse, most of the time I just gave up on rudders while landing, it was too much to handle all 3 controls on a single stick.

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Hi MuTe0794, yes, I do use Nvidia Gaming Filter for my sim and it gives me more immersion than default graphics.

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Could you please share me your settings? Would love to use it in my sim as well :+1:

@mbraortns - we can talk about what’s been posted in the general WDYDIMSFST thread here.

Nope, that’s a personal mod emulating the Tornado Alley Turbonormalized STC. It was the precursor that pushed Cirrus to create their own T model.

I’ve got the L39 Sarance on xbox , to stop mine i just move throttle back to idle and then look at the lever and press ‘x’ as it come up with a tooltip to bring the lever past idle into the fuel cut off detent.

Seems like all variants are indeed different airplanes to the game

Wow. Just wow. That’s crazy. Who do they expect to defend them, Australia??

Regarding the canons you should be able to mouse click where they normally are to show/ hide.