Pilots Visible Inside Cockpit - Can't use instruments!

So every so often I get a bug where the pilots in the cockpit visible when I am inside the plane, and I can’t use any of the instruments bug?

Im on the end of a 14 hour flight and I can’t use anything in the cockpit

Is it possible you’ve accidentally switched to External View (the insert key)?

Have you tried switching to Cockpit View (I forget the keystrokes, but you can click it in the menu T at the top).

The insert button is a toggle, so pressing it again would take you back to cockpit view.

However, I actually just tried this - moving the drone into the cockpit. I was surprised to find I could still access the instruments, though it was jumping around too much to make it a pleasant experience.

So it’s worth trying, but not necessarily the solution!

I think this is actually a drone camera memory leak that occurs and if not then it’s similar to the Caravan GC bug with the black box/spoiler floating above it and that particular plane has an external issue. Very rare but I’ve seen it a few times in around 400 hours now. I forget what I was flying at the time though. If you fiddle enough with camera and views it should fix itself. Can be annoying though haha.

Hmm, doesn’t toggle for me, goes to some other view and I have to switch to cockpit by hand. Probably a setup issue on my end.

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