Pimax 5k vs 8k

I’m about ready to buy a new VR headset. I have the Rift S now. I hear the Pimax 5k and 8k look pretty good. Im using an RTX2080 Super with a i9x10900x, 32GB RAM. Will I have any problems running the 8k or the 5k? Any other brands comparable to these? How much difference between the 5k and the 8k (if anyone happens to have both).



Do VR sets still have the screen door effects, or have they managed to get them as clear as a 4k monitor yet?

I have a 5K+ but it is in a box now because I’ve been enjoying my HP Reverb G2 way more. Using the G2 you give up the wide FOV but gain being able to read gauges from further away. The G2 has better clarity and less screen door effect then the PiMax. Keep in mind G2 still has a small sweet spot so to get that clarity you have to look directly at a gauge. With the PiMax you either have to turn on Parallel Projection (taking a perf it) or deal with things popping in and out on the edges of the screens. I’ll try to find some time to put the PiMax back on and see how it does with the latest patch.

I’m running a Kingpin 3090 on a 5900X and find that performance is just barely acceptable (for my level of needed quality) so YMMV on if a 2080 super is good enough.

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I just bought the HP Reverb G2. You convinced me. Thanks.