Pimax 8KX or HP Reverb G2? Pair with RTX 3090

Which one to go with? It is not only for MSFS, But Euro Truck Simulator, IRacing, Assetto Corsa etc. But mostly MSFS

Thanks in advance. IA

Also do I need base station for Pimax?

I have both the 8KX and G2 hanging on the wall next to my sim cockpit, so I feel qualified to chime in here :slight_smile:

Right now I’m using the G2 for MSFS. The 8KX is an amazing headset, but it’s expensive and it has a little problem called Parallel Projection. Game engines either have to be specifically coded to accommodate the canted displays of HMDs like the 8KX, or you have to turn on a feature called Parallel Projection to get it to work right. PP eats up around 30% of your performance. Maybe not a big deal when you’re playing beat saber, but it’s a huge problem when you’re playing MSFS.

In games like DCS where PP is not needed, the 8KX is the HMD you want to have by a large margin. And yes, you need base station tracking with an 8KX

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Thanks for that. I’ve been looking at the reports about the 8kx but I did not know that. Is there any discussion that PP may be become less of a drain soon?

It would be interesting to know how the performance hit for MSFS with Parallel Projection is after the SU5 patch tomorrow, please update us!

I’m currently using a G2 + 3090 but would love the 8KX for the immersion in both DCS and MSFS.

Thanks for the info, i decided to go with G2 for now. Lets see what the next patch will bring into the table.

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