Pink textures on newly created buildings

I am trying to learn how to insert self-created buildings into MSFS. So far, I was able to insert one building object without pink textures. However, several other inserted buildings show pink textures. The textures and package build for the one that has worked were done before SU7. I have read that pink textures are a result of unrecognized textures, primarily due to a “bug” in the SDK. I also read that some have found a workaround by manually editing the json file within the package.

Log provides the following warning for several texture files: gITFLister Model texture not found in the texture directories: ‘(texture_filename.PNG)’ - for model: ‘H:(path_to_gltf_file)’. Yet, the texture is, in fact, there!

What is the current status of the SDK with regard to “pink textures”? Does this “bug” exist? If so, are there workarounds for this issue? Or is this something I’m doing wrong?

There are pink buildings in London. I have ORBX London city and EGLC installed. Don’t know why this is happening.

This happen because the textures are lost during update. In orbx try reinstalling the scenery.

Well, the issue is resolved. It is not a bug. I didn’t have all textures in their own folder!