Piper Arrow disappeared after failed update

I purchased a Carenado Piper Arrow III from the Marketplace sometime ago. Today the Content Manager was showing Update Available against it when I launched MSFS after updating the game itself to v1.16.2

Attempting to update the aircraft, the Content Manager apparently downloaded the files 3 times, then issued an Update Failed error. The Aircraft is still visible in the Content Manager, but with no version number although the Manager says it is up to date.

But it is not available in the Aircraft Selection section of the World Map so cannot be used.

Any ideas what to do? I know I can Delete the aircraft but will I then be able to reinstall without further payment?

Yes you can…

Quit the Sim, delete the Carenado Arrow Folder, in the Official Folder of MSFS 2020.

Restart the Sim, and install the Arrow again.

I’ve had the problem a few times as well, somtimes also with the MB339

Have Fun!!!

So, delete the folder outside the Sim, rather than using the Delete button in the Content Manager?

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Exactly :grinning: hope this will fixed soonly by Asobo…

And did it work? Would be nice to hear some feedback …:wink:

My apologies. You’re right, I know how I feel when the boot’s on the other foot.

Yes, it worked fine. No problem. Thank you.

The only problem I did have was that I had tweaked the camera. cfg file because Carenado’s defaults were a little odd in some cases. The update wiped all that including the backup I had kept in a new folder inside the model folder.

So a heads up to anyone editing files. Keep your safety backups well away from harm’s way
My fault entirely.