Piper Arrow III question

can anyone tell me what is this and when is it used? Guess it’s not simulated but curious what is that.

I think it´s the same as in cars: A tiny hatch sucking out cabin air while open and pressing fresh air from the outside in.


Almost. The duct at the top of the plane actually pushes air into the cabin from an inlet in the vertical stabiliser. Pulling that tab blocks the duct to stop airflow when you don’t want it (when it’s cold, usually).


Pull that knob and it shuts the air off to the overhead vents. There is a fresh air inlet near the base of the tail on the leading edge (the small screen is visible even in the sim). The air goes through a motor operated blower for increased flow, but if it is cold outside and only warm air is desired, that valve would be pulled forward to shut off the flow if incoming cold air.

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I have noticed that many older airplanes (1950 - 1970 or even 1980) have a fuel-driven burner to heat the interior.
Are such systems still build into newer planes, and if no - why not?
Nothing seems to be more efficient and hotter (and fully independent from running engines running APU´s ground power etc.) than a pure flame itself.

In cars it always takes an eternity until the engine cooling water is hot enough to finally start heating when flowing through the heat exchanger and car heaters don´t work when the engine is off, that´s why park heaters use a fuel burner too.