Piper PA-28R Arrow - Just Flight released

Its published on their website, anyone tried it? Trying to decide between this one and Carenado.


Better chance of finding answers to your question here:

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Yes I’ve got it, I managed to get it before they fully released it on their website because of an error, and it seems great, possibly the best aircraft released for MSFS so far .

Carenado have great eye candy. Good planes all around, I have to say. I have no regrets with the ones I own and love them. The only down side is the interiors all look the same (Mooney, Seminoe, Arrow).

I was originally planning on getting it. Then I saw videos of the Just Flight version. It brings way more to the table than just pretty graphics. That will be my choice. If I can ever get the ■■■■ sim to run properly after yesterday’s update.

I bought tried, nothing to do with carenado if you want the real thing buy JustFly, the carenado is a port of the FSX planes and sold as new

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And what do you think this model is? I don’t understand why people say “It’s just a port” in some sort of derogatory fashion. If it was “just a port” it wouldn’t work at all. Carenado put time into converting their plane for MSFS. JustFlight spent more time converting theirs for MSFS and added a ton of features Carenado did not. But, it’s still just as much a “port” as the Carenado plane.

Carenado put a ton of time converting textures and their model and the systems to make it compatible for MSFS. So did JustFlight.

It’s not like Carenado just put the plane into the FSX to MSFS program and said “here you go”…


Exactly, most MSFS add-on’s today are ‘just ports’. I’ve bought the Just Flight one but the Carenado looks nice also, and for people who just want to fly around with a nice plane Carenado will do fine.

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I definitely will have to do something about the neglected look of the plane. Doesn’t have to be new, but all the inner surfaces are dirty and scuffed, the carpet is full of twigs and other floatsome. If my boss saw me arriving in a company car in that condition I’d be in trouble :wink:

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There is an optional texture set to get rid of the wear and tear in the cockpit.


I know. But only the panel and the left yoke. The rest stays filthy.

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I hope you have a hangar with power? A Saturday of vacuuming will get it cleaner… but re-upholstering may be expensive, but, not out of the question…

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:joy: Don’t worry. I have some experience with that, after cleaning up my neglected Seminole, changing the upholstery and doing the same to my Mooney.
I guess with the Arrow I will keep the period-specific look and just remove the grime. The plane looks absolutely filthy. I like the seats with the little knobs though. A modern upholstery won’t fit. Maybe I’ll give it some other 70s-coloured seats. Royal blue, dark beige or brown would fit the period. But I’ll also take suggestions.

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to speak more clearly, I mean for the price except to have a beautiful face, here is not much functionality compared to the model of Just Fly which allows for this price much more then…

Well, I think, given the Carenado plane is nearly half the price of the JF plane, they’re about equal in value.

You said the Carenado is “just a port”. The JustFly plane is just as much of a “port” of their FSX/P3D/X-Plane model as the Carenado plane is of theirs. So, to describe it in those terms is misleading, derogatory, and unwarranted criticism of the Carenado aircraft, that applies equally to the JF offering. So it is not a differing characteristic.

If you wanted to say the JustFly version has better systems (in your opinion, the Carenado plane has adequate system modeling, it’s not like a Cherokee/Arrow is all that complicated system-wise), then say that. So far, the flight modeling of the JF plane seems to be just as borked as that of the Carenado plane based on the reviews I’ve read, so I’ll be waiting on purchasing this.

I bought the JF Warrior for FSX, and was extremely disappointed with it. From the marketing, it seemed to be one of their newer planes with modern modeling and flight modeling. But, from what I experienced of it, it felt like a design from around 2010 or maybe a little later. Advanced by those terms in a way, but not up to the standards of much more recent competitor aircraft for FSX. It wasn’t a plane I would go back to if it weren’t for the fact I rent Warrior’s currently, and they did integrate the RXP GNS530 that I use in one of them. There are some planes that are of lower quality in FSX that I enjoy going back to because they have that “feeling” I get from them. The Warrior is not that. And I’m already afraid it will be the same with this release. Sadly, I am really hoping for an excellent quality Cherokee style plane since those are the main planes I fly.

PS, I don’t mean to say the Warrior was awful, just didn’t match my expectations as built up by the marketing.


Well, I am struggling for some reason. I have followed the sensitivity setting tips but am still not really happy. I have never flown in a piper but have lots of time in 172s and mooneys. This just doesn’t feel right to me. It feels like a paper airplane on the ground. It is oddly jerky on takeoff roll with minor gusts. It lifts into the air like a kite sometimes, then one time I couldn’t get it to do anything but fly in a stall and never gain altitude until it crashed, like there was no power at all. It was raining then so maybe I was iced and just didn’t know it? The flight dynamics in the air feel suspect to me, kinda crisp and unfloaty almost. And the stall characteristics seem weak or missing. I just am not sure at this point about it, and it is pricey…
And I have had some weird game freezing issues and a couple of CTDs. I rarely struggle with addons, I did read the manual, and have been flight simming for 40+ years, but I am always willing to entertain that it is just me. I will keep at it and I am hoping it all comes together over the next few days.


I’m not a huge fan of the PA28’s flight model either (or FS2020 flight model), the rudder control on takeoff and landing is utterly insane, tiny inputs and your heading straight for the grass like your tyres have a magnetic attraction to the tarmac. Seems to be a problem across the whole FS2020 flight model rather than just this aircraft though.
One way I’ve found to make FS handle a bit more naturally is to reduce the reactivity to 0%. This is of course technically inaccurate because there is no control delay IRL but it does help smooth out the extreme “twitchiness” that’s inherent in FS.

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So I have verified for me, on my system at least, if I fly through clouds the aircraft develops an unrecoverable sink. Almost like it is covered in ice, but I do have icing set to visual only in sim. I have repeated the experiment multiple times and it happens every time whether on takeoff or at 10000 feet. I have flight model on modern and controls set per JF instruction.

I probably experienced this same problem. On take-off it looked like this (video link) Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021 03 11 23 13 46 02 - YouTube

What solved my problem, was duplicating my control profile in the preset manager, and then resetting all controller curves to linear.

Icing will be included in a couple of weeks or so. Right now this aircraft doesn’t show icing.

Right, I am ok with that temporarily. But the behavior even with icing turned off in the sim is odd and unexpected.