Piston Duke Full FLIGHT - Pimax Crystal

Full VR preview of the Black Square PISTON Duke. A new level of realism awaits! Join me for a stunning IFR flight from Newcastle to Leeds, for an ILS approach in windy weather. Is this the new leader for GA twins? I certainly think so. Especially with those SOUNDS! WOW.

The single aircraft will be: £33.99/€42.95/$47.99. There will be a money-saving bundle available that gives you both aircraft priced at £49.99/€59.95/$69.99.


I cannot wait for the day when YouTubers finally stop with their cheesy, click-baity MrBeast-style “shocked face” nonsense on every video thumbnail while still wanting to be taken serious for their “product reviews”.


It’s to get as many clicks and engagement as possible by having to make wacky eye catching thumbnails unfortunately!:rofl:


I think you’ll find the video is very informative. The Piston Duke definitely warrants a shocked face I can assure you :grin:

But if this has offended you, I also have a review of the excellent Turbine Duke. Without a shocked face.