Pitts Special Engine Doesn't Start

Starting from Honeycomb Alpha Yoke. The prop turns but will not fire up. Same using Keyboard and cockpit key. No problem with other prop planes.

I had that problem googled it, saw some videos did exactly what they did to no avail…had to do ctrl E key to start :man_shrugging:

I’ll try that when I land my 172.

Fuel on?

Fuel on mixture 100%…its the only plane I cant get started…BTW its not that I am complaining…I just find it weird…if only I can get out and give it a kick to start, fed up with all the negatives on this forum about this sim…I personally love it…and its not my first sim


Yes, same with me. I also watched the animations when using Ctrl-E but that was no help, though I did try what they showed it continued turning the engine over with no start up. :unamused:

I have mixture and all those niceties on auto. It’s the only airplane I can’t start. Even tried the Turbos which I don’t fly. They started up fine and I got in the air. Tried the Ctrl e, turned the switch on the Yoke to Both and the engine kept running, otherwise it stopped. I was able to get it in the air.

Looks loke its a push start with thisplane for me

Using the mouse wheel or keypress to switch the starter?
Try using mouse click and HOLD til start. Otherwise start returns to both before engine fires.

Alpha and Bravo honeycomb

No keypress just find it strange not cranking up…apart from ctrl E. Like thsnks for the advice BTW

I tried this and it works for me. Alpha Yoke switch set to Both. Turn cockpit switch to Start and hold for a few seconds. If the engine dies when you release, do it again and hold a bit longer. Once the engine is running you can turn the cockpit key to Both. Be sure to hold the brakes . It doesn’t have a Parking brake. I put the throttle on the Bravo up a bit under half. The silly thing will lift off by itself when it gets enough speed and if you don’t watch it, will go perpendicular.