Pixalated "secret" areas

Just visited two places out of curiosity, was wondering what they look like in the sim. First was Michael Schumacher’s in- and outdoor carting facility (Kerpen-Manheim) and Iwo Jima. The carting facility was blurred because the nearby Boelke fighter-squadron have their barracks there. Iwo Jima doesn’t even appear to have satellite images at all. On the globe you can see it’s intentionally pixalated (painted over). Both locations can be seen unpixalated in either google or bing maps, not even Area 51 is blurred, lol. So why do that in FS2020? I guess there are plenty more areas like these out there.

a lot of (mixed) military use airports, nuclear power plants etc are blurred, depending on the area / rules /requests.
So blurred areas might have been changed since the sim release, but the sim doesn’t update the satellite imagery with every improvement you see on Bing (a lot of AI post-processing goes on when creating the sim satellite layer).

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