Pixelated and grainy clouds are back

How about pixelated flickering edges? do you have that issue?

yes i do, the edges are not great.
but they do not flicker, obviously pixelated tho

I have the same issue.
My clouds are pixilized (like the video from btdc00) Clouds are horrible. The SIM update III don’t change anything.
And the changes in the usercfg.opt don’t change anything also.

I must to wait summer :’( sniff ??


Anybody figured out a way to make any more improvements to the situation? Feeling especially nostalgic today and really missing my clouds from August so I felt like checking in on the forum.


Check my post from January 26th. Although I must warn you, image quality may suffer elsewhere and clouds will not be completely fixed, only better.

Hello everyone, I tested after the last hotfix, to see if it improved …
General setting to “HIGH” in 2560x1440 , only the cloud setting changes.

After a clean install, Sharpen and film grain disabled in usercfg.opt, all settings on high. :roll_eyes:

Set to Ultra and pixelated like crazy, totally unacceptable.

Clouds look a lot different than before, quality degraded after last update:

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I also got pixelated clouds again. In the distance they are looking good but when flying near a cloud you can count the pixels :P. On the screenshots, it´s not that
visible and easy to spot, but on the monitor it is really noticeable!

Graphic settings are on ultra, high clouds and render scaling 150.

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I followed the graphics optimisation setting that was posted here. Plus I also made the changes to the UserCfg.opt file to keep the Sharpening 1 but film grain 0.

And this is how my clouds look like on my flight today.


just a question, why do the clouds look greyish, i mean they should be white when the sun shines on them right? i have this and i dont like it at all.

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The clouds brightness depends on the density and where the light source comes from. Thicker clouds means it has more water particles so the sunlight can’t pass through as easily as thinner clouds. So not a lot of sunlight can be seen this it looks like a dark grey.

hi i know that, i have my PPL and studied meteo and thats the reason why im asking why asobo has not addressed this, the thing is in the sim the rain clouds always look grey, which is not real, i mean from above even where the sun shines on them, its not realistic, mostly on the side where the shadow hits its normal that its greyish or even dark grey, but tops and so on, even when its snow, rain or any other precipitation , the cloud still is white when sun light or any light hits them. so this is something they should address, well its one of many :slight_smile:

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It’s probably to due with HDR, or lack thereof. If you’re in the cockpit, looking at your instruments, the clouds will be bright white. But when looking outside the camera adjusts exposure for the clouds. The way cameras do that is by trying to get the image as close to neutral grey as possible, which is why the clouds look grey.

That’s the bloom effect. You’ll get this when you turn bloom on which simulates the way the eyes adjust exposure to the light depending on where you’re looking at.

And the reason why your eyes need to adjust is dynamic range, as i mentioned.

yea how do i get rid of that :slight_smile: i tried to switch off HDR but did not have any effect

i also deactivated that no effect :frowning:

ill try to switch that one off and see what happenens