Pixelated and grainy clouds are back

Do you have a before/after screenshot by any chance?
I don’t see any difference and I’m wondering what Fringe is about.

Fringe is the chromatic aberration effect in the main menu/hangar. It does not do anything else during flight. Disabling Sharpen on the other hand can help with overall grain issues.

As @ChaoticSplendid said, Fringe is AKA Chromatic Aberration. Ironically it looks a lot like your profile photo :rofl:

I have a screen I can share of the clouds. I will try to get some more for you next time I play.

You can also search around the forums and find many topics on grainy clouds.

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Cannt Find a fix for this Anywhere but Everyone I knnow has Normal Fluffy Clouds. please can someone Help me sort this

I’m noticing a lot of cloud pixelation around the edges of the clouds after SU5. Is this a known bug and are there any workarounds to it?


I know that this has been covered time and time again.
But after the latest update, the clouds look very blocky.
The game does run much smoother inside the cockpit though.
I have the steam install.
It would be nice to have an option for higher end pc.

Intel i9 10900 kf
Palit rtx-3090
32 gb corsair vengeance
Windows 11 beta
Gigabyte z490 aorus elite motherboard.

Apart from that! I haven’t really noticed much of a drop in the quality.

I don’t want to start another war over xbox and pc.

I wonder if anyone has a workaround to improve the resolution of the clouds?

Thanks, Hady

In notepad open file named UserCfg.opt
Disable sharpen and filmgrain in postprocess

Enabled 1
EyeAdaptation 1
ColorGrading 1
Sharpen 0
Fringe 1
LensDistortion 1
Dirt 1
LensFlare 1
FilmGrain 0
Vignette 1
LensBlurMultiplier 1.000000
FringeMultiplier 1.000000

save changes and run sim


Thank you very much.
I’ll try that when I get back home

So I make this notepad file and add it to the installation folder?
Or is the file already there, and I just need to put these new values in?


In notepad open file named UserCfg.opt
and edit lines

save changes

Default file path // ms store ver.


Thanks again.
I’ll let you know my findings.


Absolutely seeing this. It’s awful. Along with the oversaturation from HDR everything is either bleached out and textureless or graintastic.


This was always a thing.
If in doubt just do a search and check dates.

No, it’s definitely much worse after SU5.


Really, oddly I thought it was better, who knows.


Now imagine that pulsation around.

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Far as i recall clouds have always done that, it just kind of depends on allot of factors, they can still look really good though.

What settings are you on?

Note: if you are using VR im not sure we can compare.

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Have a look at the many cloud shots in these posts since SU5. Look pretty good to me.

Try to turn off bloom! I saw an improvement.