Pixelated and grainy clouds are back

Hello all! My clouds have been really bad since the last couple of SUs and with SU6 they still look horrible. They look grainy, pixilated, and blurry. The used to be perfect and so beautiful…What is going on? Thanks all!


Yes! In vr it looks crazy pixels… they’re so close and Im In 100% vr


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I feel the need to point out that ‘banding’ has always been an issue. It occurs with certain cloud/weather conditions. Just because you never saw it before SU5 does NOT mean it wasn’t there.
Things have definitely changed at many points along the way causing problems where there once were not problems like color issues and pixelation and blurry/blobby clouds but ‘banding’ has existed for a long time.
Heres a pic from August 2020:

It seems that certain cloud structures are more prone to banding.
Here’s a pic from March of this year (2021):


clouds are horrible omg, how can you feel the immersion with all those pixelated clouds and shimmering autogen buildings.


That’s a different kind of banding. This is the colour banding that was introduced with SU5:

Well, I hope with SU7 there is some improvements to the clouds.

Once you are above the clouds they look amazing. It definitely delivers the best looking clouds in any flight sim.

BUT, when you are sitting on the airport and looking up underneath those clouds, man they look like garbage. really bad.

Come on Asobo, I’m sure if you can make it look that good above them, then you can make it look just as great underneath.

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My clouds are great, no troublesome edges.


Hi all! Watch this… the camera wasn’t moving when i took this screenshot… The clouds looks weird…


The clouds in MSFS are amazing. Endless clouds at 33,000 right now. I remember that omnipresent circle of clouds with always a blue circle around them in FSX. Perhaps they can introduce a slider to increase definition, to be used at our own (frame rate) peril.

Yes, above the clouds they look amazing. But when sitting on the ground and looking up at the clouds, they look like trash!!


For me I am just seeing this strange nearfield effect with the clouds.

From a “distance” the clouds still look amazing.


i see the same in 2D

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Since SU5 I see these clouds again. Why again? I did have an AMD Rx5700xt card which was a mess. Had those clouds at that time ~End of 2020. Switched to a 2060S, live and cloudx became beatiful. Since the Xbox-launch the quality of the clouds declined massively, saw these clouds over Italy in live weather today - on ULTRA!


У меня после обновления крупнозернистые облака! Поправте пожалуйста!

Deffo banding issues even with HDR which were not there prior to latest update.

Only visible looking up at shadows on the side/base of clouds.

Can only imagine it’s even worse if you are not privy to HDR and 10bit colour.

What a mess these grainy clouds. I have bought a brand new hardware configuration including RTX3070 which was working very great until some months ago and now every flight with clouds is so bad (Not to mention the lightning issue) :frowning:


I’ve notice the same thing for the past couple of months. I have an RTX 2080 SUPER and no matter what settings I use, I can not clear it up. It’s annoying to say the least.

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it’s impossible to enjoy the clouds now, the quality is horrible.