Pixelated and grainy clouds are back

I think we have a clear issue with the lowest layer of the clouds, when it is thin, the clouds become extremely unrealistic:

Also from above, the lowest layer seems grainy almost with any configuration, you can go ahead and play around with the weather setting

If you add a good chunk of middle layer clouds, it all looks pretty stunning again

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Now I slowly realize why you don’t have the problem. You don’t use real weather?

I do, all the time actually. Here I am just trying to replicate the cloud conditions that are problematic. So that the team might have an idea where to start. Just saying “pixelated and grainy clouds” is vague, and in general I cannot agree with the alleged issue, as I very rarely see it when I fly.

This is live weather btw (not live time obv), pretty accurate, we do have fog here in Zürich


For me it looks like I hardly have any translucent areas. The shadows of the clouds almost turn black even in good weather. So, a look like an oil painting.
But it doesn’t really bother me in VR.

This ghosting affect happens to me in the presence of heavy overcast clouds (I was doing an aileron roll here), as well as the banding and the pixelated textures. I voted for improvement as well but can see why they have done it, my performance is great, but the quality is sub-par

The ghosting effect is here since the release unfortunately.


sadly we will have to get used to these sights

I realized what the current clouds remind me of

Dr. Seus!


This issue brings me a lot of frustration but you sir gave me a much needed laugh. Thank you.

Also have these problems. Look at my screenshot.
It’s terrible!


I’ve seen people complain about grainy clouds where I couldn’t see anything but that pic is the very definition of ‘grainy’ clouds. and also just ugly.
ok - this is concerning erspace85’s pic. I don’t know why it is that when I reply to a post it doesn’t seem to note that in my post.

A reply to a post directly beneath that post will not show a link back. Using the quote feature is the easiest way to make this obvious.

And yeah… the clouds still stink. 4 days until we find out if it’s going to keep stinking for days, or years.


It’s going to be years, though I really, really hope you all can come on here in a few days and tell me I was wrong!

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I bought the sim after SU5 and WU6 so don’t know how clouds looked before then, but the first thing I noticed was the grainy pixelated low quality clouds (in ultra) . Big disappointment. How can the devs allow such a great beautiful sim run with clouds looking so bad. They can look great sometimes at a distance and the cloud cover is excellent but close by it looks like you’ve time warped into a turn of the century game.


I got some pictures from last August (2020), early September.

These were at high quality (I couldn’t run Ultra back then). There is some pixelation if you look closely. (All live weather)

They may be pixelated and grainy in places, but they don’t have the horrible edges the current clouds have. Overall they also look much more detailed than we have now, this maybe due in part to the colour banding and reduced palette we now have.


clouds are still grainy after SU7 unfortunately


I think they got even worse. :frowning:


Oh my god… I just tested the sim today after the update and… it’s worse

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