Pixelated reflects?

I have a ULTRA settings, but some world objects reflect in glass with pixelated effects? Whats wrong with my settings?
Look at pixels under wings

Can you say more about your settings? (Maybe printScreen)

I have similar issue with clouds (High Preset + with few maxed values)

My Settings gear:

I see intermittently in gauge reflections.

I set all setting by ULTRA preset.

Your FS is detected by geforce Experience (Small Nvidia popup during SIM starting)? (On my PC it still won’t work)

I also playing in widowed mode

I get “shimmering” in the cockpit of the SR22. Not sure if it’s a “feature” or a “bug.”

Can be remedied by increasing render scaling,

Oh cool… I’ll try that. Thanks!

Wow! Just found it

taa off? —

Alll on. Ultra settings

zendesk time :stuck_out_tongue: