Places to Visit - Country India

At one least one person said he would like to explore India. I thought I will create a thread here and maintain it continuously with my own explorations.

Here is my current Visit list.

Airport - Mysore - VOMY

Places nearby

Mysore (City of Palaces) - Chamundi Hill, Mysore Palace, So many Lakes and Rivers and Temples and Mountains and Jungles and Farm land Nearby
Ooty - Hills. Tea and Coffee Plantation. Vast (large swathe) jungles and rivers nearby.

Airport - Kochi - COK

Munnar - Similar to Ooty - Hills. Tea and Coffee Plantation. Caostline of Arabian Sea

(I am from South India, and these are the places I have visited. I will discover more as I fly more and put those places here. Hopefully, other folks who also know India, wlll put there own suggestions here)


Ahh yes, I’ll definitely follow this. On my way to bed, since it’s 5am in my part of the world, but I’ll definitely check these places out.



You are most welcome man. I will keep this updated with more information. Thanks to you too because I got this thread idea because of you, like, there must be people who want to see India from the sky :wink:


One can fly over Tehri reservoir in Himalayas, or fly over Darjeeling. Monsoon time, so it was raining and quiet cloudy.