Plagued by Stutters South of Seattle - Are You?

I have good performance in general in the sim with my PC and settings (10900K and RX 6800 32MB RAM), even in big cities like Los Angeles, but I’m stumped by Seattle.

Not Seattle itself, but to the south of it.

If I fly from KRNT Renton to the north over downtown (with or without Drzewicki Seattle or other add ons) things are smooth as silk BUT if I head south of KRNT to the East of KSEA and beyond my system just chokes in a way that I don’t see anywhere else.

I fly smoothly for a few seconds then you see the CPU get hard and stutter then fly a bit more then sometimes a half second or second hard stutter.

Nothing like this in or around Chicago or LA.

Are other folks seeing the same behavior (could you please try a flight of the same path and advise - it’s a lovely area to fly in)?


I believe I have experienced similar behavior in that area. I’ll try again when time permits.

I have noticed the same, but not every single time. I think it’s a combo of weather conditions. But I don’t really know. I know there was that big problem near KDFW bringing people’s systems to a crawl- but this area is different. It doesn’t drop my system to a crawl, it just stutters south of KSEA for a few moments, sometimes. I reported this performance issue to Zendesk and I hope Microsoft takes a look. If they can optimize other areas, Seattle needs to be done too. I’m biased since I live in Auburn, (S50)

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I tried a trip south from KSEA then looped around Tacoma and back to KSEA. I did encounter the glitches at various times during the route. Hopefully your Zendesk will cause them to take a look.

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Just did a 3000’ ils flight to Fort Lewis, and then a 3000’ rnav flight to Paine Field (both from Renton). 12pm local, clear skies. XCub. VR. Drzewicki mod.

If anything, the flight north was a few fps lower than the flight south, particularly over Mercer Island (presumably when both Seattle & Bellevue have to be rendered). The flight south lost a few FPS around SeaTac and the Tacoma Narrows airport.


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Thanks everyone- Just tried Renton to Tacoma and over the port of Tacoma was the worst I’d seen must be a bugged area.

Just out of interest, you aren’t using the Global AI Ship Traffic addon from are you?

I have just installed it and noticed severe pauses and stutters, that I wasn’t getting before. Not in the same area I understand, but just a thought?

My biggest stutter and freeze area is in Los Angeles. I haven’t experienced any problems in the Seattle area…

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I can confirm.

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I do have it installed…I’ll try uninstalling thanks!

I fly semi-regularly between PDX and SEA, have never noticed stutters in particular. (Certainly nothing at all like the regular stuttering in Los Angeles.) I’ll fly around now and check if it’s suddenly gotten worse.

Ok, flew the DA40 NG (with the ‘improvement’ mod and the WT G1000 mod) from KRNT to S50 (around 3000-4000 ft). Frame rate a pretty solid 30fps locked; a few noticeable fraction-of-second stutters around Kent, about halfway through; these reminded me of the similar stutters in the LA area but not nearly as bad. A few tiny couple-of-frame stutters on landing at S50.

Otherwise seemed pretty good for me.

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I’m plagued by airplanes and autopilot, or any aircraft system, save for the seat belt light, not working to any functional level, ever (in an airliner). Are You?

That was good for a laugh :joy::joy:

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ty. :smiley: I thought so too.

just tried this in the FBW A320 and real stutters and significant frame rate variation 5-35 FPS , all smooth again once you return north to Seattle airport and Seattle , so definitively something strange there

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I just got plauged with another 22 GB patch to fix a “functioning” game 8 months after it was stable enough to be a full release candidate. :sweat_smile:
Wonder if they are doing anything about Seattle. Not showing patch notes, and besides, what’s the point in looking until there’s a ‘final’ patch anyway?
(I’m not griping, I’m being facetious)

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