Plan for Adding Missing Airports / Removing Closed Airports?

Since MSFS released, a lot of examples were reported of:

  • Missing airports, existing in real life but not in the sim
  • Non-existent airports, existing in the sim which are no longer there in real life

=> What is your general plan and timescale for updates, i.e. how often is aerodrome data likely to be updated and from which sources?

The effect of the former is obvious. The effect of the latter can be ground equipment and aircraft operating from random patches of terrain, plus the existence of such airports on the world map and nav map.

These updates do not appear to be covered by the regular navdata updates, nor the World Updates (even though they do contain some fixes/improvements for airports). Some may be missing due to incomplete/censored data in the case of military airports, but that does not cover all cases.

Major lists of reported missing airports:

And some examples of non-existent/closed airports in the sim:

There’s also a grass strip near me that closed over 5 years ago and is now a giant warehouse & car park. But MSFS still thinks it’s an airstrip… despite us having a UK World Update recently