Plane banks left on descent

Hi! I’m not sure if this is a bug or a mistake on my part, but i did an 1hr20min ILS flight twice and everything’s works fine apart from my screens going black, but for some reason at around 15000-25000ft during descent my plane stops following the ils path and just banks left which leads me to controlling the plane without autopilot from descent to final? I have 100hr on the simulator so it might be a rookie mistake? I’l provide videos if needed.

Look here. This maybe the known avionics bug.

Sorry, i shouldn’t of mentioned the avionics bug i was just giving some backstory. The bug is that on ILS descent the plane doesn’t follow the path and banks left until it crashes, theres nothing wrong with the avionics in this case. I’m just asking if it’s a bug or me doing something wrong.

ILS at 15000-25000ft? ILS signal is so 30-40 mil from airport at cca 2500-5000 ft. Realy ILS flight?

Sorry! I keep seeing ILS everywhere and got it confused with IFR, my bad apologies!

Hi mate, Are you sure you haven’t got any

What do you mean? Any whatt?