Plane banks right during training - Xbox controller


I’m using the Afterglow Xbox controller at the moment and during the training sessions the plane banks to to the right without me doing so. Is this meant to happen during the training? I’ve calibrated the controller in Windows 10. I’m new to the sim so I’m not sure what else to try. Are there any settings inside the sim to change?

Any help will be much appreciated!


Go into options - controls. Make sure the filter in the bottom left is set to all. Tell me what your ailerons and elevators are assigned to?

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Center aileron not set
Aileron left (ROLL LEFT) not set
Aileron right (ROLL RIGHT) not set

Ailerons Axis left stick set - with a bar half filled.

Elevator down (PITCH DOWN) not set
Elevator up (PITCH UP) not set

Not set = no controller button assigned


I think you have to look for your controller sensitivity and dead zone.
Go to options controls click on your controller and in the upper left there should be sensitivity.
I have assigned -75 sensitivity and 4 deadzone on both sticks.

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This worked! Thanks very much to the both of you for replying!

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