Plane drifts left and right

So I’ve been looking around today to see if I could find anything regarding this “feature”. I can fly quite level with the heading bug but not so much using the nav. Has anyone got an idea why this happens? One fella on Discord said it happens from time to time with all heavies.

Would need more details to help… The A320 with the FlyByWire works absolutely great. Can’t say how the default jetliners react, as I tend to use mods to make the stock planes better. (most are terrible)

Maybe wind?

Did you activate the yaw damper in the autopilot?

If you set a heading there are very few forces that will prevent the aircraft from holding that heading.
If you use NAV instead you are now effectively trying to follow a track drawn on the ground. Wind shifts, aircraft imbalance, thrust imbalance can all conspire to move the aircraft a little off that line and the autopilot has to continuously make corrections to hold the TRACK.

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