Plane goes 'nuts' when holding 'S' in external view flying over marked sites

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When flying over St James’ Park in Newcastle (UK) or Dublin Castle, holding the ‘S’ button down to ‘take a photo’ (or register it as visited items in logs) the plane becomes uncontrollable - changes altitude, speed, direction etc. It can come back under control - but it is strange. Have replicated with C208 in Dublin Castle.


Looks like a double binding issue to me. Check what e.g. your S key actually does.

The default pans to focus on the nearest runway I think

Try flying over these areas without holding S.

It has been noted by some users that there is at least one invisible wall which will either cause a full aircraft crash (straight to black screen - you crashed message) or flip you up several thousand feet. - depending on your damage model settings I guess.

I have reproduced this by flying up the river from coast at several different altitudes. Have crashed into an invisible wall every time.

It may not be the “holding S” which is causing the issue.

However, if it is…then you may have it double mapped to something else. AutoPilot engage?

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Yeah. I can try without the S. Thanks. It indeed feels like an invisible wall. I have crashes turned off. As long as it is logged somewhere as a bug all good.