Plane Icons and blue texture tiles!

Hi Folks,

I got a funny but annoying issue with some texture tiles, never seen that before. It seems they are missing or unloadable, but not permanent. In some cases a camera change will load them, in other cases not. In some cases they are just blue in other cases they have a plane icon. I am really confused about this. I emptied my Community Folder and disabled all the add-ons without any effect. This problem appears in add-on sceneries as in standard ones. Apart from that, the sim is running smooth without further issues.

May anyone has an idea to fix that…


Ryzen 5 5600
32 GB Ram

MSFS Steam Version
No Developer Mode used.

I too am getting this weird blue square image with a plane on it. Any ideas what it is?

It’s an incompatibility between the sim and the latest Nvidia driver and is usually a precursor to random CTDs. Either roll back the driver or turn off hardware acceleration in Windows. Using DX12 is another option.

Hi @Player511334604,
Please see this topic regarding Nvidia Experience drivers 497.09