Plane runs out of fuel during Bush Trips

There is not enough fuel in the designated planes to complete the Bush Trips. You are also unable to refuel at airports during Bush Trips. When will this be fixed?

Most people have just assigned a key to add 25% fuel (it’s an assignment you can make in controls) and use it to simulate filling to the desired level.

I’ve set CTRL-SHIFT-F to refuel the plane. I only use it at an Airport with obvious fuel facilities in the bush trips. That way, it doesn’t feel like cheating…

Why do I need to cheat to complete Bush Trip activities two months after release ?

Because it hasn’t been fixed yet?

why not? its not exactly complicated

Yeah… I hear your frustrations. Ran out on the third leg within site of the runway after doing 3 touch and goes at runways along the way. Then thought it was a pre-filled amount for each leg… Ended up binding “Repair and refuel” to a key and had to refly the leg and moved on. Pretty ridiculous though.

Do the devs even know this is an issue ?

I would assume so, it’s been mentioned on the forums a dozen times, but it doesn’t hurt to file an extra report in Zendesk if you feel so inclined.

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If you filed a bug report, they know.

Did you?

Are you blaming me for the game being shipped broken ?

You asked if the devs know about this issue…
That’s the reason we file bug reports so that the devs gain that knowledge.