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Hey. So, I am coming from X-Plane 11. Very easy to navigate and enjoy. I have a few issues with MSFS 2 that is making me just want to quit trying. The game is beautiful no doubt. I’m quite basic to sims. I don’t care about checklists and such. I put my Copilot to do all that. However here are some issues that really is making me dislike this sim. Any help please?

1). Why can’t I just start the sim with my plane running? I don’t care about doing checklist.
2) Why is the checklist now so long?
3) After going through the checklist and all is done, I push throttle and the planes engines cut out. This happens on ALL planes I try to fly. Really annoying.
4) I set my flaps to my throttle quadrant, for ease of use. But I can’t gradually extend them. It’s either fully extended or not? What is going on here?

I think that is it for now. Any help with these would be greatly appreciated. I waited so long for this sim and am desperate to love it and enjoy it. But after literally 10 minutes of each time I try and play it, I get really frustrated and annoyed and go straight back to X-Plane 11.

Many thanks in advance.


Hi Andy! Welcome.

  1. You can, but if you start on the ramp, it may be cold and dark. There is a way to set one button to autostart the engines. I believe it’s CTRL+E, and I have it mapped to the engine button on my VKB Gladiator. There may be a setting to allow “cold and dark” on start-up to be toggled off. Not sure.
  2. Uh, checklists can be fairly long, particularly for airliners. You can always auto-complete them.
  3. Uh, with all of the introductory issues I’ve seen with this sim, this is one I haven’t seen yet. You’re running, checklists complete, and on advancing the throttles, your engine dies? New one on me.
  4. My guess is that “what’s going on here” is that you mapped your buttons to full flaps or retract flaps. There are other commands for extending flaps incrementally, or retracting them incrementally. I’d look at the various command inputs and try different throttle quadrant mapping.

Good luck.

Yes as soon as I push throttle forward engines die. I also moved my yolk whilst in Cessna 172 and it died. This is all after going through checklists. Auto complete. It’s very frustrating. I have not seen this anywhere online in forums etc. I really want this to be sorted because I love flying in VR and I can only imagine how amazing it would be in this new sim.

In terms of mapping I will look into what you suggest. As I will with the cold start and CTRL-E.

It seems this sim is a little too complex at times. Which I don’t mind, but, I don’t have too much time to go through everything in terms of buttons and checklists etc. Just want to fly.

Thank you for your help.


  1. Start on a runway, with the engines running.
  2. Things to check need to be checked. The complex the plane, the more things there are to check.
  3. I would imagine what is happening here is your throttle quadrant updates after you move the first lever, so if you have your mixture at cutoff, as you advance the throttle, lever positions are updated, and you effectively cut the fuel. Just a guess. Ensure all throttle levers are where they should be, especially if you are starting on the runway.
  4. You don’t mention the plane, but at a guess I would say you have bound the wrong setting to your flaps lever, so rather than incrementally raising/lowering flaps, you are bouncing between zero/full flaps at a single press.

It seems to be all planes.

If you choose to start at an airport and don’t specifically select a gate then it starts on the runaway with the engine already running. Does for me at least. If I want to cold start I have to select a gate/ramp. You can assign your copilot (or was it AI pilot?) to handle your checklists as well.

As for the throttle have you gone into the control settings and try reversing axis? Do the engines actually shut off or just go idle?

Try assigning an avionics key on and batteries on.
I think I remember something like that to keep it on.
If not, once any command is touched, everything will be disconnected.

It is a simulator after all, not a game.

Yeah Andy know exactly what you mean. Here’s what I learned. Don’t do their checklist. Just learn the basics to start the plane itself and keep any external switches you have in the ON position. For example on a Cessna 152, turn on battery/Avionics, open fuel valve on floor, prime a couple times, set air mixture to 100%, set throttle to 5%, then turn key to start.

For the A320, it’s only 7 or 8 basic steps to go from CnD to a plane ready to take off.

Good luck!

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Maybe you also have ‘mixture’ assigned to your throttle axis and always cut the mixture when advancing the throttle?

(can happen even with aircrafts that don’t have mixture controls)

Does it alse happen if you advance the throttle just a little bit?

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Here Andy. Wanted to share this YouTube link. Goes from CnD A320/MCDU setup to takeoff. Guess it’s more like 12 steps but certainly easier then 100 steps in the FS which, as you said, doesn’t work. Have no issues with this. Only thing to mention, if you use Fly By Wire A320, you have to put ADIRs to NAV manually and wait a few minutes for the GPS to initialize. Hope this helps.

This would be my guess as well.

They shut down.

Thank you very much mate! Big help.

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