Plane veering off to right or left during takeoff, throttling on its own

Recently in my game,
When I attempt to take off from an airport my plane will suddenly cut throttle, and veer violently to the left or right. Then the throttle will increase own it’s own

During this time I have no control of the the throttle and can’t throttle up or down, this also goes with flaps or rudder.

Was wondering if anyone has experienced this, an if there’s a fix for it?


Check wether your controller has a faulty potentiometer (assumning it’s not a hall effect based conrtroller). Calibrate it in Windows with the joy.cpl program, it will also show there if it’s jumping about.
Also check you are not using the AI pilot .

i definitly had this one too… all controlls are checked, no AI control,… was uncontrollable, ruder full right.

oh no not this bug again too…

nice wind at 11kts plus some wind gusts… rudder full right!!! ignore the messed up TAA ghosting, just as Asobo does!


My plane has had this for two days also. But in the other direction. My throttle also likes to spin around. After a few seconds it calms down again. Had that in SU03 before. But then the engines switched off also. xD
Let’s see what the next patch brings.

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It’s super odd, did it only affect you at that airport?
I tried taking off from KLAX just to see if it would differ. Everything went smoothly. Went back to where I experienced the bug, and it messed up again.

Check your Assistance settings. Make sure you set them all to Hard/True to Life on everything. If you need some assist, you can do so one thing at a time. But it’s best not to start with the default, since MSFS by default is giving you assists, which can take control of your aircraft when you least expect it.

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Yep that’s what it was it seems. Now for some sightseeing in Norway…

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