Plane veering to the left / right on taxi although controller centered

Sometimes during taxi, especially after turns, the rudder would go full left or right even though the controller is already in neutral position. It stays like this until I move the controller a little.

I can see the full rudder deflection in my A320 F/CTL page, but it applies for all aircraft.

Anyone knows how to solve this? Because taxi is annoying like this.


Check your controller rudder binds and perhaps delete everything except for rudder axis.

I have seen this issue before. I consider it a bug, however I don’t encounter it anymore with my current rudder config.

It sounds like the rudder has had its day. Mine does this too, you can actually see it in the Windows game controller settings in control panel. Mine “flickers” which is annoying in the sim, but the stick is much better than anything else i can afford atm, so I put up with it.

add some more dead zone to the axis that flickers in MSFS, should alleviate the issue.

The rudder should not go full left or full right because of a deadzone issue. If it does, that’s another bug.

XBox Controller ?

He said it flickered. If its flickering dead zone can reduce that, indications of what he told us though, I would say controller is on the way out, or there is a problem with one of his usb port(s). He could try to plugin to another port and see if it still happens, plug another device into the port, and see if windows detects the flickering.

If its stops flickering with a different device, then its the device, if it still flickers with another device then there is an issue with the usb port. Re-install drivers to see if that fixes the jitters.

My deadzone is already configured very big.

Today I had it again. Landed the Fenix A320 (happens in all planes), turned off runway, centered controller and suddenly rudder stuck to the left. Plugged out controller and used keyboard which is a lot more precise.

Have the same problem after the last update(s). For some reason all my controls are gone and i cannot get them back as they were. I also sometimes steer the aircraft(s) left or right and then suddenly the view is going that way aswell and the steering is completely gone

I know the bindings will be a popular choice to resolve but i had this issue and it wasn’t that.

I’ve found why it does this and highly recommend you try it.

Of course you may already have tried it and I’ll fail but since i

Turn off / disable assisted take off and landing reboot then try. I’ve now done hundreds of landings with no crazy taxi issues.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah”

(crazy taxi reference for you young uns)

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