Planeception! - LFVA

Fun landing challenge for anyone who is interested in things not being quite normal. Recommend the Grravel or something short landing and high powered. Maybe the new Husky?

Start nearby, or fly in, but not at the airfield. Not sure what happens then… Maybe this is a one off? either way, enjoy! :rofl:

Plaception is real, and a great landing challenge! Set LFVA for landing and see if you can get it in!

This is the wrong machine for the job! :sweat_smile:

Time to land this sucker

Even overflying it it didn’t disappear

Thinking this was a now rare spike in the terrain, I assumed it would disappear when the closer LODs loaded…

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Oh boy it’s landable on the top! The other runway…

Tricky to turn around though…

Steepest runway in the world! Runway 35 vertical to the ground

Runway 17 I think you may need a rocket!

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Lmao, I’ll try this tonight


Ha, fun!

Didn’t you hear? This is the new ESA Space Port. They are gonna install a maglev system to help propel rockets into space. True story! :wink:

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I moved the topic to #bugs-and-issues:scenery where its more appropriate.

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The G’s would kill you! BUT they did propose one using a very long ramp. But I think it was more efficient due to the air resistance to just launch them.

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No problem. ESA doesn’t launch manned spacecraft :smiley:

ATC: “F-JODL, runway 18, cleared for take-off”
F-JODL: “Bwaaaaaahhhhhhh”