Planes snap back to center

During taxi, when I return the rudder to center…planes instantly snap back to center…

well, you returned the nosewheel to center, so the plane centered!

Thats not what I mean…When I center the nosewheel the plane should cease turning but continue in the direction I was pointed when I centered.

But planes instantly snap back to going completely straight with no leftover inertia continuing the current direction…no other sims were like this…FS2002-P3D

Its seems quite artificial and reminds me of planes in GTA that of course “helped out” a great deal with controllability. It makes this sim feel like a toy instead of a tool.

Does anyone else know what I’m talking about?, KJFK, Runway 31R, Cessna CJ4

I see the “leftover inertia” as the plane increases speed down the runway.

Yes the takeoff roll seems right…as stated I was referring to the taxi. I guess you dont notice what I’m talking about, which is fine, it is kind of “knit picky” Anyone else?

I did try Taxi but did not see any “leftover inertia” at Taxi speeds.

Initial speed at takeoff is the same as a Taxi speed.
The plane does not distinguish any difference in the two.

Check assists options and co pilot/ai assists.
If not these, then start with mods.

I definitely see inertia while turning; for instance try taking a taxi turn quickly in IndiaFoxtEcho’s M-346, you may well tip over!

Otherwise it sounds like you’re maybe asking for skidding (loss of traction of the tires on the tarmac)?

As long as there’s traction on the nosewheel, the plane’s going to turn in the direction it’s pointed, and if it’s pointed forward it’s going to roll forward unless it’s skidding.

Are you maybe expecting it to take more time/effort/something to turn the actual nose gear versus moving your rudder pedals?

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As a general rule, the aircraft should go where its pointed. I know in FSX and P3D some aircraft had a tendency to briefly continue their original direction of travel after the nose wheel was turned, but thats actually unrealistic if you are operating an aircraft at the correct speeds. I’ve never flown or watched a real aircraft continue to taxi in one direction if the nose wheel was pointing in another.

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Sounds like he is expecting “understeer.”…on a plane

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No, I get what’s meant. The nosewheel follows the pedals 1:1, there is no simulated nose wheel steering system in any way. Regardless if it’s a NWS system with rods, with springs or hydraulics, it’s a very direct controlled nose wheel with built in limitations from a certain speed upwards. Every plane, 737 or C172, feels the same although they have entirely different NWS systems. It can be overcome with a lot of custom development but few developers have done that so far, at least of those that I am aware of.


Are you describing like in a car, where if you release the steering wheel in a turn, it doesn’t just snap back to center, but does so momentarily depending on speed? In other words, it’s more dictated by the wheels naturally straightening out, not an instantaneous thing.

For a kick off what are you using to control the rudder, rudder pedals or buttons?
If you are using rudder pedals or alternative analogue control axis have you confirmed in the settings that they have actually been correctly assigned as axis inputs and not digital controls. Tip analogue axis in MSFS are specifically labelled as axis. If your assignments just say rudder left or rudder right then they are digital inputs.

Yes like a car gently returns to center…MSFS snaps back instantly…Its not the biggest deal, its just something I noticed that doesnt seem realistic…Did you ever fly the Captainsim 757 with FS9? That thing kept turning loooong after steering was centered. Like to the point where it a pain to taxi!

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