Planes that don’t cost 20-40 bucks would be great

It would be awesome if y’all would release some planes that were actually a reasonable price and not the price of a whole game.


Welcome to the forum. Who is “y’all” considering these are all different developers? Also… welcome to flight simming. You get what you pay for - the stuff below $20 is USUALLY not very good. The best aircraft can cost as much as $200. The sim is a platform - most of the money is spent on buying things FOR it… So, you’d be doing yourself a favor by not comparing the prices of planes to the price of the base sim.


I also feel MSFS is a platform. I ride on Zwift that’s £13 a month. My smart trainer cost over a £1000 :open_mouth:

I personally wouldn’t go anywhere near a £15 aircraft. I thought the DC6 was an unbelievably good price.


“Welcome to, um, Simulations…”
Content prices in the world of simulation (racing, flight, etc.) has been not only expected but also accepted by the sim community for many years.

You need to take that up with the 3rd-Party content developers, directly.

Otherwise, MSFS Premium Deluxe is a bargain considering the amount of hand-crafted airports and aircraft included over the base game.

A lot of time and effort goes into each model, so much in fact, that each aircraft could be its own game.


The long established concept of fightsimming is, that the sim itself is just a platform. This platform needs to be filled with live by using 3rd party content. The new MSFS makes things a lot easier already. You require a lot of money to bring other sims up to the visual quality of MSFS. We also have a quite solid yet improving weather engine, which was not the case in older sims.

If you really wanna do the Hobby seriously you won’t get around of buying high quality planes from third party developers. Those are a niche products and quite expensive to develop, so they have their price. To put it in your words, there are like a new game.
Simmers usually stick with their hobby for a long time. When I buy the PMDG 737 for 100-150€ later this year, I already know that I will probably use it for the next 5, maybe even 10 years on at least a weekly basis. That is an extremely good value for money.


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Well, there are: for free, even. The most well-known one is now even available in the ingame marketplace (hint: it is an airliner ;)). And there are many developers who spent countless of hours creating new aircrafts from scratch - for free, too! Just check the various “addon sites” (they are easy to find with your favourite search engine).

Just don’t forget to “buy them a coffee (or two ;))” if you enjoy their work they do for the community.

And yes, I purchased aircrafts for around 35 EUR or less - and personally I am very pleased with what I’ve got. Sure, 35 EUR seems like a lot, and you might get a game for that price (albeit not a “AAA game”, I am sure).

And as others have said: FS 2020 is just the “entry drug” into flight simming :wink:


I wouldn’t mind a tiered structure giving people more options and a path to upgrade

  • base $20: looker + fly model + liveries
  • upgrade 1 +$20: complex system
  • upgrade 2 +$10: failures, icing effect, etc.
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That would require a whole LOT more of development to implement and thus not feasible.


All things will cost whatever price the seller thinks he will make the most money with. Too expensive and nobody buys it. Too cheap and lots of people buy it but not enough to make a profit. This rule couts for all products.

Quality flight sim planes happen to be expensive because very few people buy them (Flight simming is a very small market), so in order to pay salary to the development team the price must be high. And luckily people like the planes so much they will pay $200 for them, otherwise planes with that quality level wouldn’t exist.

That always depends on the developer.

The most time a company goes for something like

→ release → patching

Another variant of doing things is

→ releasable 1 → releasable 2 → releasable 3 → grand release → patching

The second variant gives you the chance to have something you can push on the market at any time while you are still working on the final product. That also helps if money starts to dry up and you need a little cashflow for development. In MSFS that could mean that you can have different stages of an aircraft and it doesn’t really need that much more time.

Right? I’m looking forward to more releases that cost well more than $20 - $40, as that $20 - $40 price mostly reflects the time and effort that went into producing these planes which are, therefore, ■■■■.

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Oh God!!! Another one of these threads! Just fly the defaults. It makes me laugh.

“I want the latest plane, I dont want to deal with any complexities, I usually fly 747’s up side down (I say this because that’s all MOST of the defaults are good for), now I want to take a plane that a dev has invested hours X 1000 in to make it as real as possible, I dont want to pay for that, but I want it… even though I have a library of defaults and some freeware”

Like just dont bother! why bother even!

What part of the PMDG DC6 is worth more than all of the defaults and many Pay ware planes…just in its realism alone… That’s why it costs what it costs!

If you think its too expensive, if you dont want to deal with complex planes, then dont buy them and dont worry about them.

I want a complex 777 / or the ERJ’s the ones released are not even close to that…so guess what…I dont bother with them… This works the other way too. But if people keep buying garbage for $20 - $30 a pop its only going to drive prices up… We are our own worst enamines at this!


This never works out. The base product and initial release is usually garbage and it often stays that way. Nobody buys till its all released… Many wont buy say a 777 in the state of the Capatin Sim one on the promise it will be complex…They say ok ill wait till its all done…no money, no further development!

True story, and some of you will know it: indiafoxtecho’s T-45 began as freeware in FSX many years ago. At that time, it set the bar for freeware a/c, and it also quickly became a measure of what an acceptable payware a/c should look like. So when the Goshawk came out at $30USD for MSFS, I was surprised–I frankly thought it was, all things considered, worth more than that. (Dino is both a creative and a generous spirit) But, at the same time it again set the bar for payware a\c. And, so far, a majority of new a/c have failed to meet or exceed that bar.

The moral of this story? (and this is a point I made in an almost identical thread maybe a month ago) If you are new to this hobby, then you are quickly learning that quality payware a/c are not coming in at price points below, at the very low end, $30. And so it goes. If you enjoy flightsimming, welcome to a potentially very expensive hobby. Is that fair? Who cares–it is what it is and has been for a long time.

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Obviously you’re new to this. That’s cheap.


Here you can get a lot of free aircrafts and even cars


Everyone before me has answered your question so theres nothing much to add. I dont buy any payware stuff , I only use free and as the A320NX shows you can get complex stuff for nothing and that particular plane will only get better and better with time.

I disagree with some replies that anything cheap is trash, sure some of them are but not all.

Not everyone who plays a game like this is into “study level” with ultra realism while wearing full uniform & a captains hat. Many cheaper planes strike the right balance between visual fidelity & complexity. Many gamers (me included) inhabit that middle ground where we dont want to come home and go to school learning an FMC but at the same time want a plane that looks real, has an accurate panel, decent flight model, nice engine sounds etc

To the OP I will say: the default planes in the game are already VERY good, in fact you could see them as payware quality (obviously not PMDG level). Many of them have been tweaked to make them more real, the most famous of course being the A20NX but I have seen tweaks for the TBM and the other Cessna airplanes.


When it comes to payware aircraft for these kinds of sims, you get what you pay for in quality. That’s been the rule of thumb for years. I thought everyone knew that. Who is the " y’all " that you refer to here? Every payware aircraft developer out there is priced in that range or more to begin with. This isn’t some big secret. Don’t want to pay, you don’t have to buy.

I was so taken aback by the OP I failed to even look at your response before posting myself. My own response is much the same as yours but it was worth repeating the sentiment anyway.

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