Planner wont input the airports for departure and arrival

Just did the update and the planner wont input the airports for departure and arrival, anyone else having this problem?

I’ve also got this issue since the latest sim update earlier today. Also tried emptying the Community folder and running the sim with no other addons / software. Restarting the sim and restarting the computer do not appear to work either and so I’m currently unable to use the simulator at all.

apparently there is a second update but my sim doesnt pick it and i have the same problem ctd whenever i try to fly , thanks asobo.

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I’ve just realised there’s a new update on mine as well in the Windows Store. Just downloaded that which was about 1GB and tried entering the sim again only to be told I have to re-download the latest update again which is another 5.96GB.

Hopefully it’ll be some kind of bug that resolves itself after it’s redownloaded, but I’ll update this post with the result!

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can you tell me how to get the download from windows store?

@ArfurFarksache in my case I had restarted the sim after the issue with the plan screen, and it told me I had a mandatory update and told me to open the Windows Store app, so I opened that by clicking the start menu and typing “Store” into the search box, and then it said there was an update of about 1GB in size available for MSFS.

I downloaded that update, tried to start the sim again and then was met with the “Welcome, set your experience” screen which told me I had to download Sim Update 3 (which I’d already just downloaded).

I’m hoping it might work this time and resolve the issue but I’ll update the post either way. I’ve submitted a Zendesk report also.

Apparently you have to restart your computer to recognise the mandatory update , fingers crossed , here we go again. Then there is another 4.84gb update.

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So it appears after applying both updates successfully this time the issue for me is resolved!

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Now if only thousands of people were not contemplating murder because … who knows this!!! Why FFS do we have to dig up these things from random users somewhere deep in the bowels of zendesk.

Closing as solution provided.
Sim Update 3 had 2 updates. After installing the first update, exit MSFS and check again the client (MS Store or Steam) for the 2nd update. The 2nd update contained most of the liveries. After installing the 2nd update, check the Content Manager to assure all items are current.