Planning a cross country trip, need some advice

Hi folks, kinda newbie here, im planning to fly from NJ my hometown to oregon in a Cirrus 22, and I wanted to plan it out in steps, looking for a tool to help me do that, and im sure there are plenty but it appears to be point to point only, is there a tool out there that can allow me to plan out point to point to point to point type of flight across the country? based on 200-500nm trips? hope this makes sense.

I use which is really nice and you can put your route where you like. It’s not a “push the button and generate a route” tool. IMHO, though, half the fun is looking on the map and deciding what things I want to see on the way. :small_airplane: :smile_cat:


I recently did a cross-country trip and used Skyvector as well. It’s easy to plot out a route and tells you how far/long it should take. Plus it gives you the radio frequencies for more realism.


Skyvector is the way to go. Everything you need including the price of avgas where ever you are.

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Great site, thanks fellas!

bring plenty of wide mouthed empty bottles so you dont have to stop for bathrrom breaks, I suggest gatorade but make sure you rinse them out first or else its gets kinda sticky.

Real pilot advice btw. lol