Planning for a Saddle sore attempt: Questions on restrictions

Trying to make sure I’ve got all the requirements locked in for a Saddle Sore attempt. Don’t want to try an 8+ hour flight and discover I’ve missed a pre-req.

1: Can it be done on 3rd party aircraft? And do they need to be through the MS Store, or can they be external? Still need to do some testing but I think I can do it in the Flying Iron Hellcat without using the invisible tanker. If not, I expect the P-38 could do it. The MilVis Corsair is in the “Other” category, so not sure it could count.

2: Sounds like all assists must be off. Does that include radio handling?
2a If so, do I need to be able to run the radio coms, or can I just ignore the tower and have it work?

3: Does pausing break it? (Why hello nature. How nice of you to call…)
3a: If yes, can a built in autopilot or autolevel be used?

4: Does alt-tabbing break it? I expect I’m going to be listening to a lot of podcasts in the background…

Anything else I’m missing here?

Thank you,

Harry Voyager

The answer is nobody knows, because Asobo can’t ever be bothered to answer as to what the requirements are, and so there are mountains of speculation.

The true answer is that the only way to get these achievements is to jump through every random hoop you can think of until you get lucky. I’ve been fighting to get the My Way achievement now since before SU8, having successfully completed dozens of gate-to-gate, totally unassisted, 350-500+ mile (as the crow flies) flights and using every single user suggested method I can find. It still won’t unlock.

Good luck to you. You’ll almost certainly need it.

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