Planning on following one of my favoriate sports in MSFS for 2022. Can you tell what it is?

F1 🤷 is my guess

I would second that based on the location in the US.

I’d say Curling.

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It isn’t F1. Canada wasn’t included nor Brazil.

Rallying a crowd on pointless threads? :joy:

Tennis, only cos I can see Melbourne!

Good spot!

Surely tennis isn’t anyone’s favourite sport :wink:

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I’m not sure… this doesn’t look like the ATP Tour. Not enough location in North America for a start. Not sure what else it could be though.

Zorbing perhaps?

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F1 and the sport depicted on the map share a lot of the same venues.

Is it MOTO GP by any chance.

I would say cycling, starting with the Tour of San Luis.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Ill probably start from my home airport to KJFK, then fly to Qatar.

Some long flights there mate. Malaysia to Argintina is an interesting route

Indonesia sorry