Planning on using MSFS on different Computers. Will there be a problem?

I travel a lot and I have different residences with different PCs.

As stated in the subject, I am planning to use MSFS on my different PCs. As of now I have it installed only on one PC.

I wish to know if there will be an issue with the settings after I use completely different peripherals like flight controls and yokes.

Can I even use the same Microsoft store account for different PCs? When I return to my primary PC will things remain the same?

I say it shouldn’t but probably will matter knowing this sim but if you set up different profiles for your controllers and don’t mix them up then you should be fine. I’m not certain about syncing between PC’s but since SU5 the MSFS store version is supposed to be a play anywhere title it should work on any PC or Xbox if no one else is using your other set up. If you’re already on Steam I suggest switching to store (although I doubt you’ll get a refund).

That’s how it is suppose to work. You are authenticated with your microsoft account that you purchased the sim with. You are allowed only ONE access session.

I would set up different peripherals and then you should be able to select what ever you have at the current PC that you are running the sim from.

I’m scared that my original msfs will.very spoilt or not function correctly. I’ll buy a new copy from steam and link it up a new Hotmail account.

What do you guys think?

If you have 2 licenses you must buy all addons twice, because you (or someone else) can play at the same time.

Just install from store, you have nothing to lose and if you hit a snag then come back on here. The only bother I can see is if you have widely different systems you might have to change settings as and when required

I just did it last night. I haven’t connected my controllers, but, the install was smooth as silk. Sim started fine and I was able to load all the addons I’d purchased from the Marketplace without issue.

(Albeit, install was rather slow for some reason at the start, but, after 8pm EDT it picked up the pace, so maybe they were doing some server work preparing for today and I got caught in that.)

Tonight’s install went very smoothly. I’ll be updating my other (new) machine later tonight.

So you are using MSFS 2020 on two PC without any problems.

You have installed it on 2 systems and you just LOG into the PC you wish to fly?

You can use different peripherals like flight controllers et cetera without any issue?

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There is absolutely no need to do this. The whole point of your digital license/MS account will be for nothing!

You can install the game on 100 different PCs in 100 different countries. No problem. :slight_smile:

You can of course only use ONE of them at any time.

I am on Steam and Im from the UK. But I travel to Asia also and I have the game on another PC there on my Steam account. Also thinking of a gaming laptop and it will be the third installation of the game.

For each PC there is a unique set of controller settings stored in the cloud. And the UserCfg.opt file is local to each PC anyway.

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Yes, that’s correct. It works fine on both computers. No issues. Everything purchased from the Marketplace installs as well.

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