Plans for future (Server Shutdown when game is no longer supported)?

What are your plans for the future way down the line when Microsoft doesn’t find it profitable to run the servers that keep the game looking the way it does?Will the people that continue to keep playing will they lose out on the Bing maps and the artificial intelligence of the world and the visuals? Because with FSX there is still a pretty decent size community of players including me that would continue to keep playing the game 10+ years after it was initially released and up to the release of FS20 and the servers from Microsoft were shut down years ago but then was given to another company to keep the servers on. But a world size of 2+PB Is a lot right now and not reasonable for anyone to download. But maybe 10 years down the line might be more accessible as a way to download it for those who wanna somehow have all that data on their computer.
Thank you.

This is a question I think a lot about especially with the fact need to have internet to play. I like to think that this ultimetly won’t need an update which I if Microsoft come up with a good business model in 10 years to basically justify not selling a whole new game, which may be moot if can simply keep making new aircraft to sell as new airplanes will always come out and we haven’t seen much variety in the first year so there’s lots can do. I know a lot of folks have spent a few grand on the game by now (I have spent a few hundred as it’s my main hobby) and yes that does work out good value over 10 years but that’s after a year of add ons, not 10 and I’d hate to lose the worth of them because server’s close.

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I’ll be running MSFS2030 or X-Pane 15 on my intel 15th gen chip 128 GB ram and Nvidia 15090 GPU and with 64 GB graphics Ram inside my mini holodeck VR.

All my Fs2004 FSX X-plane 9, 10,11 P3D stuff has been replaced, backedup. Deleted. It’s like a car some day you trade it in, all the maintenance, tires etc.


I Imagine a lot would if they go down that route. I’d be happy if add ons transfered but for me, I haven’t had any financial stability until the past year or so getting disability benefits so while can spend currently I don’t know what will happen in 10 years and I know the way things are many others will be in the same boat. If something works why change. So I’d hope we have the ability to keep playing. OP may be right and in 10 years 2pt is the equivalent of 4 TB currently or so and that would be possible for community to host.

Exactly and in 10 years we have no idea what our computers would be capable of storing but the other issue would be getting the cloud AI to not just see the flat pictures but to know where to add trees and landmarks etc. I’ve been thinking about this but in the recent development update for 8/19/21 there was a featured video about the process of recreating the entire world and their map data and using AI and how they stream it to our PCs. But would Microsoft be comfortable with our computers holding and processing all that data offline way down the line to keep the community going. And the online play live servers and live ATC would someday be shut down.


I’m amazed that this would be a concern to anyone.

If enough people want to enjoy (and pay for) this service, then it will exist, or a successor to it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Exactly this. Agree completely. I think its a bit pointless to compare 10 years in the future to 10 years past (using the FSX example). The rate of change in technology - hardware and software - is changing at an exponential rate. I would expect the ‘10 year’ projection from MS/Asobo to reflect the shelf life of MSFS2020 and we would be onto new tech and most likely a completely new sim by then. If trends continue the way they are, the difference between MSFS2030 and MSFS2020 is likely to be a lot bigger than the difference between FSX and MSFS2020.

Best recommendation is to not worry much about what the future holds with our streamed data and just enjoy it now. Unless the plug is being pulled in the next 12 months its not worth the angst of dwelling on the direction its headed.


Therein lies the problem with a game where the only thing that sets it apart from its peers is that all the scenery is streamed and relies on servers eh?

This. I believe MSFS will become a subscription based game in some years from now. Which is, depending on costs, probably ok for me.


I guess, but if you really consider that a problem, you probably worry about being struck by lightning whenever you walk outside or having your picnic ruined by a meteorite dropping on your head.

Streaming is the modus operandi of a huge amount of content these days. MMO’s have been running for 15 years+ without their community biting their nails worrying about the servers being pulled. And in THEIR case they’d be 100% dead in the water without them. In the case of MSFS the game still DOES function without an internet you just lose the streamed content. If anyone is truly worried, someone just TODAY in fact demonstrated that you can build ortho tiles just like you can with Orho4XP in the other sim.

Q.E.D. I dont really see relying on streaming as a big issue.

No. None of the above.

But I did buy into the Microsoft Lumia phone only to have them do zero development for its ecosystem then drop it like a hot potato shortly after.


But that’s what it’s all about. Without it I’m better off with P3D.

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The idea of a digital twin of the earth
underlying the sim, is the real big, fascinating thing.
This software will be used for much, much more
than for a flight sim.
From pre schoolers to sophisticated engineering ,
and thousands of activities more .
When we can pay the bill, in a not so distant future
we will have direct access to satellite cameras
to witness earth in real time. Don’t know,
whether that will replace the digital twin or enhance it.
Now, we don’t have to worry about that.

bye, walter

10 years from now something else amazing will be here… so I’m not concerned

One concern about obsolescence at a time please. :grinning: I’m still trying to figure out how to convert some of my old MS Works files to current formats.

Thats what “whats?” all about. No one is losing the streaming data. Its kind of a mute argument.

As far as the Microsoft Lumia is concerned, its not really the best example even though its Microsoft. That failed because it wasnt a good product, there were better alternatives out there and sales were dismal. Meanwhile MSFS has been such a success that its one of the few entertainment titles to be featured at the company shareholders meeting.

The MSFS streaming servers arent going anywhere. If anything, adding a subscription fee is marginally more likely, but really that too is not that probable given the revenue they are getting from the marketplace.

Is this new? Because last time I tried (and recently with the server outage) I couldn’t launch it all without an internet connection and despite their “guides” (set your PC as the primary device for your account etc…).

Actually prior release last year they said we will be able to download scenery to cache and fly offline, but what they didn’t tell is that you still need internet to launch the game, unless this has changed with SU5, hence my question above, “is this new”?


MS’s business model would, I am certain, contain a subscription at some point in the future, same as the Xbox Model, I would imagine….makes financial sense, as it would keep the dollars rolling in to finance the on going improvements/additions to the game.
If you are content with the game at that time, and decide not to subscribe, you won’t have access to additional future content.

Not sure TBH, you might still need the internet to start it, but the question was about the scenery streaming server.

That you do not need to run it.

Do you think that if they do, they’d abandon their 30% cut on every single DLC they sell on the market place then?